Sunday, June 4, 2023

    3 Must-Haves to Enjoy Fall Walks With Your Baby

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    The weather is cooling down, the leaves are starting to turn, and pumpkin spice everything is coming back in style. It can only mean one thing- fall is here! With the arrival of this new season, you might find yourself aching to get out and enjoy the crisp air with your little one. It’s a great way to get your extra steps in while introducing your little one to a new season by getting them out of the house, even if it’s just for a quick little power walk. Check out our top three must-have items to help you enjoy your fall walks with your baby!

    1. Keep Your Baby Comfy

    The first thing you should consider when preparing to go for a walk in the fall with your baby is how you can keep them comfortable. Make sure they’re all bundled up appropriately for the weather, including a jacket, hat, mittens and thick socks. You’ll also want to make sure to have a good baby carrier for your little outing. The best baby carrier is one that keeps your little one snug and comfy while also keeping you at ease on your walk. Bringing a light swaddle blanket is always a good idea no matter how long or short your walk will be. This can come in handy especially if you have a teething baby. Having wet cheeks from drooling can be uncomfortable in cold air, and can leave baby’s skin dry.

    Having something like a light swaddle blanket is lightweight to fit anywhere, leaving you comfortable. As mentioned, cold weather can leave the skin dry for both you and baby so using a moisturizer before you leave can fight against dry skin. A safe and effective moisturizer such as Aqua for can be used on babies to keep their skin the healthiest against these types of conditions.  Make sure you’re adequately prepared to keep your little one happy!

    2. The Right Clothing

    Once you’ve made sure your baby is good to go for your brisk fall outing, shift your focus to yourself to make sure you’re properly dressed as well. Having the right kind of outdoor clothing is a vital piece to ensuring that you have a comfortable, successful walk with your little one. A good jacket, hat and gloves are a great place to start, especially if the air is a bit chilly. Jack Wolfskin women’s outdoor clothing is a great option. Made of high-quality materials for any kind of outdoor adventure, you’ll find yourself turning to these pieces again and again. Make sure to also add some comfy outdoor shoes and accessories such gloves, hats, and even glasses. As the weather cools down, winds start to pick up and there’s nothing more uncomfortable than watery eyes due to windy cold air or debris. Wearing a scarf can also be used as an extra layer of blanket for baby if you find yourself needing it. 

    3. A Yummy Fall Treat

    Nothing screams fall more than a warm, inviting treat. Whether you’re stopping at your favorite coffee shop for a pumpkin creme latte or making your own batch of apple cider at home, pull out your thermos and be sure to bring it along for your brisk fall walk. If you’re in a baking mood, a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies or a loaf of banana nut bread is also a great way to get yourself into the fall spirit. Something about that chill in the air gets me hankering to bake something warm and inviting, and bringing along a little something sweet could be just the thing to top off your walk.

    If your baby is old enough to share your treat with you, make sure to get something you know you will both enjoy. If your baby is not yet on solids, make sure to bring a portable bottle warmer to keep their bottler warm. 

    Enjoy Your Walk!

    Now that you’re all prepared, it’s time to get going on your walk. Strap your baby in and grab your frothy drink and enjoy your stroll together in the cool, crisp air. If this is a walk for the sake of exercise, there are plenty of apps that you can download on your smartphone to help you count your steps, track your miles, and can read your heart rate. This can help you set new fitness goals so that you can turn your every day walks into a fun workout routine that you can do with your baby. A walk is also a great way to introduce your baby to exercise from a young age so if you can stay consistent, the better they’ll feel about making it part of their routine as they grow up. Fall is here and it’s time to enjoy it!

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