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    5 years of tribal sheikh Mohammed’s leadership: a secure, sound UAE

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    I did my best to serve the individuals of the UAE, says sheikh Muhammad.

    His Highness tribal sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai has completed fifteen years because of the head of the UAE Government.

    Taking to Twitter on Sunday, the UAE Vice-President said: “I worked to accomplish the vision of my brother, the President, His Highness tribal sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. I did my best to serve the individuals of the UAE.”

    Sheikh Muhammad has announced a message particularization his journey because of the Prime Minister of the UAE.

    In his special message, tribal sheikh Muhammad aforementioned that a lot of “amazing things” happened in fifteen years as he worked with “thousands of groups, at the native and federal levels”.

    They all worked united team to realize the UAE President’s vision.

    “We created the principles of strategic designing within the government. we tend to mete out the most important legislative reforms within the history of our country through over fifty new laws,” tribal sheikh Muhammad aforementioned.

    He listed out different achievements of the government:

    >> five hundred government services born-again into good ones.

    >> Federal budget was over doubled (130 per cent).

    >> The UAE is the best within the world on 121 indicators.

    >> The UAE passport is the strongest within the world.

    >> ninety-five per cent of UAE residents feel safe.

    >> The UAE economy is the second biggest within the Arab world.

    >> The UAE is the best in attracting foreign investments regionally.

    >> The UAE has endowed Dh40 billion in housing; Dh140 billion in education; Dh94 billion in social development programmes and Dh50 billion in health and interference.

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