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7 Things to Consider Before Designing WordPress Website


Thinking to design a WordPress website?? Great!!

The hard part is to choose the right platform to design a website. While searching, the only Content management system you will find is WordPress that has conquered the web world.

WordPress is the fastest growing platform with a global share of 50 to 60% in the CMS market. It runs 35% of the entire internet and is the most popular one from the last seven years. Its latest version (5.2) is being downloaded almost 37 million times.

WordPress is the platform that permits you to host and develop the websites. It has a plethora of plugins and themes system with which you can customize the sites to adjust according to your business needs. The best thing about WordPress is that you do not need to be technical for designing a website. It has a simple and easy to use User Interface (UI) with which one can create an HQ website even if you are a non-technical.

We all know that designing a website is not easy in any way. There must be a lot of ifs and buts, that are quite distinct. A website is a representation of your brand.

Therefore, you need to do the homework before finalizing everything. Here in this article, we have come with the tricks to consider before designing a WordPress website. Though, you can also hire a WordPress website design and development company to guide you in designing the website.  Choice is all yours!!

Crucial Things to consider while designing a WordPress website

Secure Hosting

We cannot take hosting lightly or cannot ignore it. If you are doing so, then you are giving chances to the hackers to hack your website. Several websites take a long time to load, and the reason behind this is the poor hosting. It is known that the site that takes more than 2 seconds to load are giving the reasons the visitors to leave. So, do not be a part of this race. Some efforts are required while choosing the best hosting, be proactive, and do not let hosting be a pain in the future. There are several WordPress hosting providers, such as, Kinsta, WP engine that are known for giving the best experiences.


According to recent statistics, Google will index searches according to the mobile version. It is because of the reason that digitization has changed the world immensely, and everyone around is interested in using smartphones for every single task. So in the case of websites designing. If you are designing your site, then assure yourself to select a mobile-friendly theme for your website. Being flexible, WordPress has plenty of free and paid themes. Free themes adjust according to the requirements, but, if you want to add some of the advanced features, then you can go with the premium version.

Less Page Loading Time

As we have mentioned earlier, no one will wait for your page to load. The visitors will leave your website if it is taking more than two seconds to load. It is not only about the visitors, but Google also dislikes the site which is installed on slow servers. You are continually lessening your chances to be in on the list of top search engines. So, it is significant to choose a perfect theme as the issues of the page loading can kill the value of the well-coded and engaging site. If your website is taking a long time to load, then your high-quality content is of no use. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the page loading time important while website designing.

Use Premium Themes More

Though, it is known that WordPress offers us free and paid (premium themes). But it is also true that some of the free themes do not provide the best functionality and the valid code. So, why one should be in a dilemma, waste time, and let issues to occur? The premium version of themes caters to you an outstanding feature with best code quality. The premium themes have the functionalities that complement best with the designs.

Good Logo Design

Logo design is the face of your website design. It identifies the identity of your business (the products and services you are offering). It is an integration of logotypes, logo marks, and marks. There are several logo designs, such as Hatchful (Shopify), Iconfinder, My brand new logo, Fiverr and 99designs, etc. While choosing the logo designs, keep some important measures in mind, such as Uniqueness, readability, scalability., Longevity, and simplicity.

Say No to Default Theme Modification

It is advisable not to modify the default themes despite the platform or the premium themes you are using. Every second designer executes this and simultaneously fails. So, better is to use the child themes as these are simple yet powerful. These themes allow you to change or integrate the functionality without affecting the core files.

Search Engine Optimization

To boost the organic reach, it is significant to maintain Search engine optimization. With WordPress, you can amend and tweak the core SEO element for optimizing the website. It can enhance the time of website page optimization. Several plugins, such as Yoast SEO can be used to create highly optimized website blogs and pages on each page.

Concluding Remarks

Before designing the WordPress website, it is essential to cover all the bases. We have mentioned some of the critical things that one should consider before designing a WordPress website. Your little efforts will surely pay you well in the future. Create a website that visitors get glued to.

We hope you liked this article. If there are any queries or suggestions then do let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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