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    8 Things That Could Go Wrong with AC Installation

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    Air conditioners are among the prime requirements that keep your home cool and comfortable in the scorching summer season. Various types of air conditioners are available nowadays in the market. You can choose from a large variety of models, the one that suits you the best. Air conditioner installation is a very important thing to consider after buying your favorite model. It may seem simple, but it is actually more complicated. Ensure that you install your unit properly. Consider a range of factors like the size of your unit, your room dimensions, and the position you are going to install your unit inside the room.

    Here are a few things that can go wrong while installing your air conditioner:

    1. Inappropriate model: Air conditioner installation process needs first to understand your available space and the appropriate model for it. If you can’t decide which unit to choose to take help from professionals but never installs an improper unit and invest wrongly.
    2. Unsuitable position: Incorrect installation of air conditioners results in higher electricity bills, extra operational expense, frequent repairs, increased maintenance costs, and a machine unable to produce ideal average temperature. Never install your unit in a position that affects its effectiveness and efficiency.
    3. Improper grounding: Another important factor to consider during air conditioner installation is that there should be the proper grounding of the electrical circuit within the premises in which it will operate. Keep in mind, to never connect your air conditioner to a circuit that supplies current to other appliances that consume high energy like refrigerators, dryers, and vacuum cleaners. Plug it elsewhere to avoid frequent damage to the main fuse.
    4. Vicinity of heat source: Never install your air conditioner near a heat source such as lamps or heaters.  This compels your unit to overwork resulting in higher electricity bills, reduced life span of the machine, and a room cooler than the ideal temperature.
    5. Improper insulation: Never carry out your air conditioner installation in a room which is not properly insulated. It could lead to early failure of the machine, leakage of temperature, and an excess workload on your unit.
    6. Blocked rear part: Take care not to block the rear parts of your air conditioner under shrugs or hedges in the garden.  This will affect its drainage and ventilation. Keeping these things in mind during the installation of your unit extends its life span and minimizes your power consumption.  The outdoor unit should be installed with free space on either side to allow easy access for maintenance and uninterrupted airflow.
    7. Documentation Mistakes: Talk about the air conditioner installation process with your dealer. Ask for a detailed written quote to ensure a quality product with first class after sales service. The warranty cards should be signed by the company authorities and should have the company rubber stamp, never forget this aspect.
    8. Unprofessional approach: Never appoint an air conditioner installation technician who is not professionally trained and do not have a proper license.  The trained service personnel will guide you about things like how to use the new programmable and smart thermostats, suggest tips about routine maintenance, and answer all your questions and concerns.

    Determine the electrical codes and wiring standards in your area and abide by them while installing your unit. Never forget to get permission from the power supply authorities on your air conditioner installation. A properly-installed unit provides the optimal temperature. It increases your comfort and keeps you safe from constantly-changing humidity, temperature variations, and can prevent carbon monoxide leaks. Judge the access points available, the room size that needs cooling, and the available budget. Never take any wrong decisions based on momentary impulse while installing your air conditioner otherwise you will end up ruining your comfort and money both.

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