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Airport Code Hats Are Fly!


Airport code hats are becoming increasingly popular (and if you haven’t noticed yet, you will soon, trust us!) The idea is pretty simple – hat companies take existing airport codes and stitch, print, or embroider the airport codes across the front of hats. But why the hype? Well, let’s look into the main reasons for the popularity of these hats:

Reason #1 – People Love Traveling

Er, more like, people love letting other people know that they love to travel. But seriously, airport code hats are a great way to let others know what your local airport is. They are a great talking piece when you are in another state or abroad which creates the opportunity to connect with others traveling – and some might even recognize where you are from!

Moreover, people love identity. And your local airport is probably pretty close to, if not the same, city you reside in. An ORD hat doesn’t just mean Chicago’s airport. It means you are from Chicago! A DET airport code hat doesn’t just mean Detroit’s airport, it means you are from a surrounding suburb or even Detroit itself – regardless if you travel often or not!

Reason #2 – There Are Some Hilarious Airport Codes

For instance, did you know that LIT is the airport code for an airport in Arkansas? Or how about YUM, the airport code for Yuma, Arizona’s airport. Feeling hungry, try out a PIE airport code hat for St. Petersburg, Florida’s airport. Even better if these are your local airport codes. The more meaningful the better!

Reason #3 – They Are Stylish

For real! Let’s take a look at a few different styles from the popular airport code hat company panelhats.com:

Now look at those and tell me those aren’t stylish! Most vendors carry hats in a variety of colors, but panelhats.com is the only one we’ve found that offers them in a wide variety of fonts. Other popular brands such as Aviate, or the hats found on Etsy.com carry similar fonts to one another, but rest assured they are still pretty stylish:

Airport Code Hats from Etsy.com

It’s hard to say when this airport code hat craze started, but it’s been gaining in popularity for at least the last two years. Go to any airport and you will see these hats. Go to any grocery store and that’s probably true as well. If you are looking to purchase an airport code hats, check out Amazon, Etsy, Panelhats.com, or Aviate and you will find an airport code hat for your liking!

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