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Coroner finds man was left to die in the retail store parking lot

Coroner finds man was left to die in shopping centre car park

Horrified passers-by found a body during a retail store parking lot in broad daylight, with the man’s companion committing a heartless act before he died.

A man presently to dose on opiate was dragged out of an automobile and left for dead during a retail store parking lot, with the outward driver running over his foot, a coronial enquiry has found.

The Coroners Court of Victoria enquiry into the death of Christiaan Anthony Dubois was requested by his family when the 46-year-old was found dead at vi. 3 pm on Gregorian calendar month fifteen, 2017.

His body was found within the parking lot of jazz musician Park retail store in Melbourne’s southeast by afraid passers-by, medical examiner Darren Bracken same in written findings revealed last month.

Mr Dubois’s companion, illustrious solely as AB in court documents, had forced him out of the automobile ANd left him there concerning [*fr1] an hour before his body was found.

An autopsy found mister Dubois died of “mixed drug toxicity” with opiate, alcohol and Valium the leading medication.

CCTV footage from the jazz musician Park retail store shows a white ute parking concerning five.30pm.

Eleven minutes later, mister Bracken same, the footage captures the motive force “taking AN unconscious mister Dubois from the vehicle and birth him on the bottom like a shot outside the passenger’s aspect door”.

Mr Bracken same the proof recommended it was “likely” AB additionally went through mister Dubois’s pocketbook.

He then reversed out of the parking lot and drove away.

Mr Dubois’s sister, Denise Cranston, told the court mister Dubois had a “hate for opiate users” and used different medication however not an opiate.

“We’d point out something and everything,” she said.

A medical scientist report showed he had used opiate and speed within the past 5 months, mister Bracken same.

The driver of the automobile told police he hadn’t met mister Dubois before he was approached within the jazz musician Park tap house earlier that day whereas at the poker machines.

“Mr Dubois asked him if he might get any ice — AB told mister Dubois he couldn’t, however, that he might get opiate,” mister Bracken same.

AB told police they every shot up 1 / 4 of a gram of opiate within the automobile, and mister Dubois was “rambling” and started “settling in”.

He didn’t wish him to doze off within the automobile thus he “put him on the bottom as well as he could” and didn’t realise he drove over his foot, he told police.

The medical examiner found mister Dubois “willingly” used opiate ANd his death was fortuitous consequence.


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