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Do brick patios really need to be sealed?

Do brick patios really need to be sealed

When it comes to a brick patio you have the option to seal the patio or to leave it unsealed. The short answer to the question of if you have to seal your brick patio or not is no, you can leave it unsealed and it will still be fine, but there are advantages and disadvantages to weigh on the issue of sealing it. This article will give you a few of the arguments for and against sealing your patio and help you make an informed choice about what to do with your patio. 

The first good reason to use paver sealer and to seal your patio is that it will give your patio a clean and polished look that will make it look like you just had a professional crew come in and install your patio for you. The sealer will also make your patio not fade as much due to the UV protection the paver sealer offers so you’ll be able to maintain the look of your patio for longer.

Sealing your brick patio will also allow your patio to be able to handle all the things Mother Nature will throw at your yard. From having water proofing to protect from rain and snowstorms, to having the sealant helping to protect your brick patio from being infested by weeds and cracks that form over the course of time. Having your patio sealed will help it endure all of these problems for years to come. 

Finally using a paver sealer will allow you to help improve the drainage of your yard and property. Having a massive landscaping project like a patio will allow for water to collect under where the work is happening. By sealing the patio you’ll be preventing the water that falls on it from getting into the pools that are collecting below and allow for an easier run off and drainage of the water.

The main problems with deciding to seal your brick patio are that it is an investment of time and money that you must undertake every so often to make sure you’re keeping up with the sealant and time passes and it erodes away. Every two years, and sometimes every year you’ll need to apply a new coat of paver sealer to your patio to make sure the seal remains strong. This will require having to either hire a crew to do the work for you or putting on all the proper safety gear or handling these sorts of chemicals and making sure you know how to properly apply them yourself. You will have to plan ahead to watch the forecast and only attempt to apply the sealant on a day with good weather as attempting to do this in the freezing cold or a day when rain is forecast will ruin the project. Also during the year you’ll have to make sure to keep your patio clean as debris found in yards like stones and twigs can damage the seal. 

Both options are valid and we’re hopeful this list as helped you make the choice that will benefit you and your patio the most.

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