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Driving revenue with Email marketing: Tips on how to effectively market through emails

Driving revenue with Email marketing: Tips on how to effectively market through emails

21st century is the regime of speed, pace and rapid mobility. This mobility has transformed the traditional mail into a virtual speedster or otherwise called an email. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, anyone can now reach you anytime via a virtual document and that too formally. This is the transformational story driven by cheap email hosting services.

The applications of cheap email hosting are numerous. One of the biggest being the marketing domain. It would not be overenthusiastic if one was to say that cheap email hosting has done to marketing what mobile phones have done to communication. Indeed, cheap email hosting services have revolutionized the world of marketing and changed its dynamics comprehensively.

Let’s take it up in detail!

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What is unique about email marketing?

When a shopkeeper sells his product, he is bound by the domains of time, space and opportunity. He must have to impress his customer with quick reflexes and admirable answers. The sale of every product requires an impression of quality delivered by the seller. But email marketing is different. It is offers the seller the time to think, strategize and develop a predetermined approach to attract the customers. And that too through cheap email hosting. Moreover, no investment is required in any infrastructure. You can start at the time you think.

How email marketing escalates revenue opportunities?

In 1978, when Gary Theurk sent out the first mass email, it turned out to be a catalyst which reenergized his business cycle. Gary claims to have set a record of sales worth 13 million dollars. But this was not accidental in the business of companies. It was rather an unprecedented incident which changed the way corporates thought about their business. The dimensions of businesses were all set to expand into a new nebula. Within four centuries, emails made the entrepreneurs realize the zenith of their revenue.

Marketing through emails: The Road less travelled

Identifying your clients

Preparing an effective database of potential clients is the first step or basic homework that needs to be done. An effective database and adequately mined data are prerequisites for preparing a theatre of opportunities in the domain of email marketing. After a holistic database is established, the road to email marketing begins.

Engaging your clients

It is understood that your clients have already adopted a series of filters to avoid promotional emails. It is thus natural that you may be trying to tap into an unreachable audience. For this purpose, it is must to engage your clients effectively. This can be done by ensuring that the subject lines are immersive. The body should be such that a real person exhibits his art of oration. The content should not only be distinguished but also targeted.

Theory of personalization

When the receiver notices a personal element in the email, it is but natural that he gets attracted into it. A personalized email compels the receiver to reply.  For instance, when a person finds his name in the email, he treats it quite differently and starts replying. Once the reply has come, the road to communication has now started. The client stands open and willing for business.

Landing in no man’s land

All your delicately constructed work could end up in a spam folder if steps are not taken to avoid it. Keeping out of spam folder needs a few basics. For instance, all caps and warnings should be avoided. A litmus test to ensure that you are out of spam folder is that you email is getting a due reply.

A good email sells itself

We cannot imagine the quantity of emails that a target client receives during the day. As such, it becomes absolutely necessary to make an email distinct. For making an email distinct, following pointers could prove helpful. Firstly, introduction of short paragraphs and bullet points are precursors of a good quality and marketable email. Secondly, when we highlight keywords, it indicates sharpness and crispness of content. Lastly, the act of inserting unnecessary content and even unrelated pictures might deplete the quality of an email.

Click means action

When a person visits a shopkeeper and the latter showcases his products, the transaction is not completed until a receipt is generated. In an email, whatever needs to be showcased to the client should be highlighted via a link. The link in an email acts as a gateway to the transaction which might turn out to be a money-spinner for a business.

The Return and Refund Policy

It is no coincidence that the largest selling business giants have developed a return and refund policy. The logic of the policy centers around trustworthiness and an attempt to earn customer trust and satisfaction. In email marketing, the return and refund policy is replaced by the unsubscribe option- the purpose being not different at all that is to set a road for future discourse.

The Reading Lens of the client

More than half of the mails that reach the targeted client are opened via a smartphone. So, if the email is not made mobile friendly, this would literally mean closing the door of the shop through which a customer is trying to enter. This may have a deteriorating effect on the business growth even before it is set to sail.

Who is the guinea pig in email marketing?

The answer is none. This implies that before sending an email on its way to marketing, it is very necessary to test it out yourself. The looks, characteristics and content of the email needs to be double tested before it is set out for campaigning.

The trajectory of growth

The most important step in the post monitoring process is to keep track of the latest data, cheap email hosting records and chalk it out via a graph so that it becomes self-explanatory. This data may include the growth of sales or the number of times a customer opened an email.

Throwing caution to the winds

If a customer is easily accessible and has started replying to the mails, this does not mean that his inbox is to be flooded with. In fact, this might put the customer relationship in dilemma and decrease reciprocity.

Footnotes and advice:

If email marketing is to be summarized in one word, then this could just be the next “Big thing” that your business awaits!

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