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How to Edit Instagram Videos to Match Your Brand Aesthetic:


The Marketing trends of 2020 reveal how significant the presence of the audiovisual format will be in this network. Therefore, editing videos for Instagram is no longer a professional thing, and you can do it yourself. You only need creativity and a Smartphone to start acting. Other than you can also download private Instagram videos with the help of Instadownloaderpro.

If you are looking to grow in your account, you cannot ignore this strategy. There are many ways to record videos and give it a special touch in editing from cutting scenes, adapting screen dimensions to create animations and texts. Here we offer you several apps to make your videos the right products!

The best apps to edit your videos for Instagram:

There are many applications to edit videos. However, here we want to present six applications that will allow you to edit the videos to match your brand aesthetic. In almost all of them, you will have access to cut and edit the videos, but each of them presents you with some difference that you can exploit to make your videos look trendy.

Do you remember the sizes of photos and videos for Instagram? You must take this into account when you decide to work on a product for these formats. Remember that the stories have a vertical and elongated proportion. The photos of the Feed, on the contrary, we recommend that they be square (1: 1)


Available on iOS and Android. Inshot is a reasonably comprehensive and accessible application. If you have absolutely no experience in the world of video editing, this application will give you many facilities.

You can easily cut your videos by dragging the sections you want to keep with your finger. The canvas button can adapt your video to the format you like. It already has predetermined formats for social networks (such as Instagram, Snapchat) and also formats managed in the audiovisual world.

Also, you can change the video backgrounds with images of your brand or blurred backgrounds. Additionally, you can include texts, labels, and straightforward animations to achieve a professional effect.

It also gives you the facility to export the videos directly to the social platforms you want. Otherwise, you can save it in your files to use it wherever you want.


One of the friendliest applications for editing videos. FilmoraGo has a desktop application (also free), and they adapted it for Smartphones.

The most curious thing about this application is that you will have a virtual assistant if your editing knowledge is very little.

When you open the app, you will notice that all the editing work is done horizontally. So this format is benefited when working. It takes a while to get used to this format, but you will get a lot of potential out of being able to see the entire screen this way.


It is one of the favorite applications to create videos with original transitions. Swish is a very intuitive and easy to use application.

With Swiss, you can create videos from very original templates. They have templates categorized by theme, depending on the style of the video you need. You will find everything from fun and dynamic beach-style templates to more sober and elegant videos. You just have to adapt it to the style of your brand.


Without a doubt, one of the best-designed video editors. It has a beautiful, dynamic, and energetic interface. In addition to having an extensive free inspirational gallery, which will surely help you build your videos with a unique aesthetic.

Over, in addition to having the conventional edit buttons like cut and resize, it can include some very well designed graphics. Those graphics will give a very professional visual touch to your videos.

Color Story:

This application has a lot of potentials, despite having many limitations in its free version. However, it is an ideal app to colorize and edit videos or photos.

You can adapt to the different formats of social networks, and also, in the filters section, you will find many free and other payments. The free ones will help you bring the videos to life, enhance colors and shadows. It is visually attractive and easy to apply application

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