How To Guide How to go about choosing the right down pillows?

How to go about choosing the right down pillows?


Who doesn’t love to sleep in cozy and comfortable bedding? Due to the increase in awareness people have started paying attention to what kind of mattress they choose. But, many Australians neglect the attributes of a good pillow. They are always looking for cheaper cushions for sale in Australia. Though not all good cushions are expensive, the point is that the price shouldn’t be the only factor you should consider.

One such luxuriously soft and comfortable pillow you could come across is goose down pillows in Australia. And, if you are planning to buy one, this article will walk you through the guide to choose the right down pillow.

Read on:

  • Check for the fill power: Good quality down pillow is vital for your neck and head support. Firstly, check for the cushion’s fill power when you go shopping. Down pillows consist of good clusters of tiny feathers. So, the higher the fill rate the higher the quality of down pillow you will have. For a standard quality pillow, 600 indicate is ideal and 800 goes for the high quality down.
  • Look for the right shell: By checking with the pillow shell you can assume the durability and longevity of the cushion. If not done properly, tiny down clusters work their way out of a shell. Also, the loose fabric is more likely to damage the inside of the pillow through skin oils and dust working their way in. For a durable and smooth shell, fabric count of 300 is ideal. Besides, look for 100% cotton covers, as they are durable and comfortable.
  • Pillows for stomach sleepers: You will be having a different sleeping position than the rest of your family members. So, if you or any of your family members are a stomach sleeper, go with the soft pillow. This will support your head lightly and your neck won’t be too high to get a strain out of it.
  • Pillows for back sleepers: Are you a back sleeper? If yes, choose a firm down pillow with a medium level of softness. This softness could be too high for stomach sleepers, as it offers more head and neck support when lying on your back.
  • Pillows for side sleepers: Most of the people are side sleepers. So, if you are one of them consider a firm pillow. Since you are sleeping sideways, you will need height to support neck, head and shoulder. The firm one will provide you with the same. Moreover, if you are having narrow shoulders, a medium softness pillow will work. You should look for the distance between your bottom shoulder when you lay side and then conclude the support you require.
  • Pay heed to budget: If you are behind on budget, choose a mix of feathers and down. Feathers are larger and easily available hence the cost of feather pillow is lower compared to the down cluster. Also, you need to take care the pillow consists of feather core surrounded by down so that feather quills don’t poke through the shell of the pillow. In fact, the core provides height and support. Also, the feather stays at the centre of the pillow and the exterior shell will only be in contact with the down clusters.

Wrapping up

With the aforementioned points, you all now know what you need to see in your down pillow. Moreover, everyone’s body and sleeping positions are different so you need to be mindful about what kind of attributes you are looking for. Now you have the best pillow for your sleep needs.  

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