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Lead Nurturing as one of the fundamental pillars of Inbound Marketing


Loyalty your customers and shoot your sales applying a correct strategy of Lead Nurturing or maturation of leads. As a senior research writer of one of the leading logo designing services company, I will let you know each and everything.

  1. What is Inbound Maketing?

“Inbound Marketing has its door open even before they ring the bell.”

Inbound Marketing is a non-intrusive marketing strategy that combines different techniques in order to detect potential customers, at the beginning of a purchase process, to accompany them throughout the cycle with appropriate content until finally getting the final transaction.

Now that consumers are more demanding, it is important not to act in an intrusive and impersonalized way, since this strategy is no longer enough.

The appearance of new communication channels has directly interfered in the behavior of consumers, changing not only their buying habits, but their attitude towards advertising.

1.1 Conversion funnel

The Inbound Marketing has changed the way of acting before the capture of leads, modifying the funnel of conversion of the users.

The fundamental pillar of Inbound Marketing, and what works in each step of the conversion funnel, is the generation of content of interest and quality for users.

«An Inbound Marketing strategy can reduce the acquisition costs of a new customer by 60%.»

It has been demonstrated that working leads creating bidirectional communications and trust relationships ended up being more profitable than our expense to capture users.

  1. What is Lead Nurturing or the maturation strategy of contacts?

If we talk about Lead Nurturing we refer to an automated marketing technique aimed at creating valuable relationships with users at each stage of the sales funnel, it is about accompanying the user on the trip from the first contact with the company to the conversion and maintain the subsequent relationship with the brand. It consists of educating the client and maturing business opportunities. Lead nurturing focuses its efforts on listening and analyzing the needs that the consumer has in each stage of the process and providing the information and answers that it needs at each moment.

If we refer to the data, according to several studies around 50% of the potential customers of a business are not ready to buy at the time of the first contact (Marketo), almost 80% of new potential customers never become sales (MarketingSherpa), companies that perform lead nurturing strategies generate 50% more sales opportunities with a 33% lower cost (Marketo), in addition “nourished” customers consume 47% more than “not nurtured” (The Annuitas Group).

2.1 What is the lead nurturing process?

The Lead Nurturing process has a series of phases in which the relationships with our users vary depending on the stage of the purchase process in which they are.

This process is composed of a series of sequential communications arranged in workflows or workflows . Define the different phases that each user will go through and the actions that will be carried out once he meets certain requirements in each of the phases. The key to lead nurturing lies in the personalization of content that we will reach our users based on the phases of the purchase cycle in which they are located, which will be determined by the different actions carried out in the defined workflow points.

Any lead nurturing strategy begins, and goes hand in hand with a lead scoring strategy, based on which we will define the different actions according to the value of our contacts in each phase of the purchase process.

2.2 What is the Lead Scoring or score of our contacts?

This strategy consists of determining in which phase of the model of purchase of a brand each of our contacts is located. It will be the backbone of a good Lead Nurturing strategy, as it identifies when and how we will address each user and the most timely and relevant communications in each phase of the process to lead to the conversion

The basic dimensions that we must take into account in any lead scoring system will be the following:

Lead Fit, is it your type?

The aim is to analyze the level at which a particular buyer matches the “ideal buyer” or “habitual buyer” perspective of our brand. Sociodemographic profile, geographical location, decision-making capacity in the purchase, timeline when making the purchase …

Lead Interest: Are you interested in you?

The next step in the lead score will be to determine how attractive our brand is to a buyer, what is its positioning in the mind of its consumer, do you spend a lot of time on your website ?, do you participate in social networks? … we must assign a value to each of these behaviors

Lead Behavior: Are you using it for purchase or as a source of information?

The monitoring of the conduct of a lead will tell us if you intend to purchase or simply look for content and information on our website, depending on our objective we must assign values ​​to different behaviors such as clicking through blog posts, download infographics or content , register for a seminar, send a contact form …

Lead Buying Stage and Timing

Stage of purchase and time. Scoring the different stages of the purchase funnel will help us determine where the buyer is within the sales model of our brand. We will give higher scores to click on prices, product demonstrations or add to cart.

2.3 The automation of Marketing in a Lead Nurturing strategy

Lead Nurturing requires the use of Marketing Automation to streamline and improve the management of communications, assigning the appropriate content to each user based on the actions carried out. In addition, we will need to measure and analyze the results of these actions in order to analyze the maturation process of our users, the main objective of any lead nurturing strategy.

2.4 Email Marketing as a fundamental tool of Lead Nurturing

Email marketing has not died and has never done it. The truth is that more than leaving, it continues to be consolidated as a very attractive option and a great channel of promotion. Even if it is used well, it can become one of the keys in your business capable of reporting significant benefits and very good results.

As a direct and unobtrusive marketing action, it has become one of the main tools for Lead Nurturing.

  1. Email marketing offers us numerous benefits such as:
  2. The ability to make a large segmentation in our campaigns can send information in a personalized way.
  3. Know the ROI of the shares through this communication channel.
  4. It is an immediate response path. Normally they invite to carry out actions, whether they are purchase, request information or visit a web that the user ends up doing if he wishes.
  5. It is a channel of direct communication and if it works well it can not be considered intrusive, thus avoiding rejection towards them.
  6. It helps to generate a close and personal relationship of trust promoting a bidirectional communication. It will not help to get new customers, keep growing and retain existing customers.
  7. It’s economic. There are many free tools to manage email marketing campaigns easily and intuitively. But for you to get that benefit, it raises a good email marketing strategy based on creating value and always focused on users. It should not be a way of self-promotion, but a way of attracting and making your clients fall in love with the content you offer them.
  8. The keys to a good email marketing strategy are:
  9. Use a specialized tool that facilitates your work and allows you to propose a complete strategy.
  10. Take care of your database and management to make interesting segmentations that can allow you to make more and more personalized campaigns. Think about your day and the periods of time when you visit your emails. We assure you that it is not very disparate to the rest.
  11. Remember that on the other side there are people. So try to always create a communication link and create email of interest.
  12. Keep in mind the content that will be present in your newsletters. A perfect combination of design, text, multimedia content, CTAs and links may be the secret key.
  13. Beware of the issue, it is the first thing you communicate to the user and can make your email live or die in the mail tray.
  14. Put creativity and differentiate of the rest.
  15. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the best valued email marketing tools in the market. Free up to a maximum of subscribers (2,000) and a maximum sending of email (12,000 / month) also has prepaid plans that adapt to the needs of their customers.

Easily and simply helps you run effective email marketing campaigns thanks to its many options. This tool stands out above all for having a design and quite intuitive development suitable for all types of users who are in contact with this type of resources.

Working with mailchimp is very simple. You only have to enter your web and register with your company’s data. You will not have any kind of problem. The main menu in the free version is summarized in the 5 keys that you should know about this tool:

3.1 Campaigns (Campaign)

A campaign is any of the shipments we make. In chronological order, all your submissions will be registered in this tab and you will be able to see at a glance the list to which it was sent, the date and the identifying title that you put on your creation day.

Start creating your campaign in the “Create campaign” button. Mailchimp will take you step by step through the tasks you must perform to finally send your email marketing campaign.

First identify the type of campaign you want, choose the list to which you are going to send that campaign, design your template and insert all the content you deem necessary and finally end by programming or sending your email.

3.2 Templates (Templates)

Mailchimp offers you a multitude of fully customizable and optimized templates to be viewed from any device. You will not have to be a great designer to be able to get a “resultona” newsletter. It also has a space of inspiration so you can find your perfect template.

Even so it gives the option of being able to design from 0 your own template.

3.3 Lists (List)

The database is the most important part of any email marketing strategy. Mailchimp gives you a multitude of options to work on your contact list.

Custom forms with different fields, send welcome messages, farewells, statistical information by list, combinations between them.

3.4 Reports (Reports)

Mailchimp gives you detailed information about each of the campaigns sent beyond the opening rate or the clicks made. It allows you to see what kind of emails work best, where exactly the users click the most times or even the hours where the emails are opened. To know more information mailchimp allows linking with tools such as Google Analytics , through which you can know the economic benefit that the email marketing campaign has generated.

3.5 Automation

The great advantage of using this type of tools to launch email marketing campaigns is the ability to automate the sending of messages such as a welcome message or a birthday greeting.

Beware of data protection!

The LOPD must take it into account to generate any type of email marketing campaign. We are all obligated to fulfill it. Maillchimp makes it easy and allows us to comply with regulations thanks to the fact that it allows us to:

  1. Create forms with “double opt-in” where the user must confirm twice that they want to be part of that list.
  2. Validate user addresses (mandatory in the LOPD).
  3. It allows to be able to unsubscribe in a simple and automatic way.
  4. Avoid multi-sender emails without hidden copy.
  5. It obliges us to inform about where we have obtained the data and what they are going to be used for and to provide the user with our contact information.

3.6 Modules / Plugins

Modules and plugins are code components, that is, programs that are installed to extend the functionalities of platforms such as WordPress or PrestaShop, among others. Visit for cheap WordPress hosting tutorial

It is common to perform this type of installation especially when dealing with e-commerce stores. Mailchimp has links with platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento or BigCommerce. But for some e-commerce platforms such as PrestaShop, it is necessary to acquire a specific module that can reach around 130-160 €. (You can find it here: )

3.7 Other tools

Mailchimp is considered an own tool of email marketing but little by little they have been making great updates that allow us to carry out much more personalized and effective campaigns, being able through it to carry out and complete Lead Nurturing strategies. When we talk about Inbound Marketing or Lead Nurturing strategies, the key is in the automation of the different actions to be able to carry out effective strategies.

There are many tools you can find to carry out this type of strategy such as HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, but whose prices are very high and not affordable for everyone.

  1. Relationship between Lead Nurturing and Content Marketing

The content marketing strategy  is the process of creating relevant and valuable content that attracts, engages and creates valuable relationships with the user. A lead nurturing strategy must go hand in hand with a good content marketing strategy, analyzing the different phases through which the user passes and providing them with the necessary information in each one of them.

  1. Keys to know if I need a Lead Nurturing process
  • If you want to optimize your commercial capacity, you need a lead nurtuting process.
  • If you need to increase your sales, you need a nurturing lead process.
  • If you want to create a bond of trust between your clients and your company, you need a lead nurturing process.
  • If you are not able to get recurring clients, you need a lead nurturing process.
  1. Requirements to start a Lead Nurturing program

Everything influences, but keep in mind that in order to initiate a lead nurturing process it is essential:

  1. Approach and planning of objectives.
  2. Online presence
  3. Generate content to share.
  4. A database of clients.
  5. A mailing platform.
  6. An appropriate email account.


Lissa Doniro is a senior research specialist at one of the leading brand consulting company: SKWebDesigningSolutions, based in United States. She is currently acting as a senior content writer and assisting the firm in implementing new content marketing stratgies for online branding.

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