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Sell a House from the Outside with These Curb Appeal Tricks


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A home’s first impression is the exterior; there’s no way to avoid potential home buyers seeing the yard, fence, grass, landscaping and exterior paint job. It’s easy to up the curb appeal on any home you’re selling and make the first impression on potential home buyers a great one.

Give the Mailbox an Upgrade

A dingy mailbox can make buyers think that rest of the house isn’t well cared for. A classic mailbox that is in good condition with uniform numbers may not attract any direct “oohs” and “ahhs,” but it will help get potential buyers through the front door without any negative perceptions.

Help Families Feel at Home

When parents are looking for a new home for their families, they’re thinking about how the house will work for their kids. Making sure there’s safe outdoor space for kids can go a long way in selling a home to parents. Consider having a few kids’ activities out in the yard (without looking messy), doing small repairs to an existing swing set and removing any hazardous lawn decorations.

Care for the Lawn

Keeping grass and other plants in the lawn looking healthy can help future homeowners imagine themselves caring for picturesque landscaping. Unruly or brown lawns will remind buyers just how much work caring for a lawn can be. This is especially important if you’re selling an empty house and there aren’t home owners around to keep things green.

Add Potted Plants

If the exterior of the home needs a pop of color, consider adding a few potted flowering plants to the porch or walkway. Opt for smaller pots, and you can even bring them to multiple homes and/or showings pretty easily. Movable potted plants are also great for covering up small imperfections that might give buyers a reason not to walk inside, such as a bad porch paint job or sidewalk in disrepair. Of course, these items will need to be addressed later on, but keeping clients positive on the walk to the door is priority #1.

Remove Distractions

When you own a home with great outdoor space, the exterior of your house looks “lived in.” This is great for everyday life, but not so much for showing a home at its best. Make sure bikes, garbage cans, gardening tools and other extras are out of sight, instead of leaning up against the porch, to give potential buyers a visually pleasing first look at your home.

Check Roofing and Gutters

Even a single missing shingle or 1 overflowing gutter can turn a buyer off before they even hit the front door. Don’t feel that you’ll never sell a house without a brand new rood (unless it really needs it), just make sure that there aren’t any crooked tiles that will distract people from the positives the home has to offer. The same goes for gutters – a good scrub will go a long way in keeping buyers focused on what you have to say.

There are dozens more easy, inexpensive ways to make the outside of a home for sale look great! Keeping potential buyers in a positive mindset all the way to the front door will make selling the inside of the home that much easier.

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