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The Top Interior Design Trends of 2018


2019 is here! And with it, come a whole host of different trends in terms of luxury interior design, fashion and various other evolving markets. Many people choose to update their homes every few years in order to keep up to date with the emerging trends in regards to interior design, others choose to live their home as if they are stuck in a 60’s time warp, each to their own I guess!  If you are wondering what the top interior decor trending products of 2018 are, you have come to the right place.

Spa Bathrooms

Are you sick of paying over the top prices to your local gym just so you can pop down for a quick spa a couple of times a week? Why not bring the spa home instead and be able to pop for a quick steam whenever you fancy! Feel the full force of peace and tranquility by indulging in a large Jacuzzi bathroom whilst transforming the room itself by using earthly tones, all-one color tiles and minimalist accents.

Glam Dark Woods

Furniture may be joining the dark side this year as we move away from pale, bleached woods that were hugely popular the last few years. The resurfacing of darker wood tones signify the fact that people are becoming more interested in retro glamour that can provide a new take on modern luxe. Metal handles and legs add an extra glamorous feel to the dark wood and make the room feel more sophisticated.


Texture is big season! It is becoming apparent that 2018 is all going to be about leather and velvet (swanky right). Velvet is the front runner to be the statement for soft furnishings whereas leather is going to be used in bedrooms for upholstered headboards and quilted chairs. If you feel like you could make room for any of these popular new trends, then head down to your local home and furnishings shop and find the furnishings that are right for you!

Artisan Textures

Furniture has a natural handmade sensation with materials such a rattan and wicker. Textiles take a spirited part with heaps of embellishments, raw edges and applique details – all desirable to the touch. Loads can be attained by merely playing with textures and materials. Whether it be woven wicker furniture, macrame pillows or mixing marble with metal, don’t underestimate the power of embracing and combining different textures.Please visit here for best sleeper sofas reviews

Statement Ceilings

Statement walls are so last year, why not look to the ceiling and see how you can spice things up from above? Instead of keeping the ceiling one plain color and decorating the walls, why not swap their designs and make the walls one color and painting or decorating the ceiling to make it the standout feature of the room.

Tropical Prints

The tropical trend is still headlining the luxury interior design trends as it did last year. It is now more about mixing plenty of lush, energizing greens instead of vibrant carnival brights. Rich shades of green work well with darker room furnishings. If you use this alongside large scale leaf prints and exotic bird’s pictures you can really pull off something amazing.

Show Stopping Doors

Interior design doesn’t have to be just about the interior of the house. Focus on the first thing people see when they enter your home, the door. Statement doors are making a massive entry in to interior design trends as people are now choosing to decorate their doors with neon hues, framed by decadent bay trees or colourful designs that really stand out when compared to the neighbours boring and dull front doors.

Earthly Neutrals

Pure white, beige and stone are now described as the old neutral, whereas trendy interior designers will be eager to tell you that sage is the new neutral. Muted green with grey undertones is certainly bolder than the old neutral colors but has a more approachable feel in terms of design in a room. If you pair this color with woods and a cream color palette which is sure to soften up any space. If you also include other pastel colors like mustard, jades and olives you are sure to create an amazingly warm effect in your room.

Interior design trends in 2018 is actually quite a lot more than just choosing colors, lightning and choosing fabrics as it is also about transforming your life and perfecting your way of living.  All the particulars of your home from small to big, such as colors on the walls, whether your should have blinds or curtains, types of furniture, lighting best suited to your place, what accessories you should buy, the position of various rooms, etc. are given due importance. So get the greatest of everything by altering your dull space into a thrilling place which soothes your soul and relieves your tension after a tiring day.

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