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    The Top Things to do in Idaho City

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    What would you pick between beaches and mountains? If your answer is the mountain, Idaho is a great place to explore and channel your love for mountains. It is a family-friendly place and packed with many outdoor activities to drive all the laziness out of you and make you happier!

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    Top Things to do in Idaho City

    • Craters of the Moon National Monument: This National Monument is undoubtedly one of the highest-rated tourist activities. Craters of the Moon has alien-looking scenery that can be credited to the volcanic lava. This unique black and grey scene attracts geology enthusiasts and other tourists in crowds. The slopes and caves only make this spot more exciting.
    • Coeur d’Alene Lake: This blue, blue lake receives water from three rivers and covers a considerable area. Moreover, there is a little beach located on its shore. Owing to its vast area, Coeur d’Alene offers extensive boat tours and every kind of water sport that you can imagine. Moreover, the lake has a floating boardwalk and has a playground in the vicinity. In summers, you will notice a splash pad near the ground.
    • Shoshone Falls: The twin falls are another top-rated tourist attraction in Idaho. These falls would make some stunning pictures with cascading water making clear pools at the bottom. If you are lucky, you might even spot a rainbow and click it. The smooth grey rocks that enclose the waterfall are gorgeous. The meandering water below the falls is also a breathtaking view. The best time to witness Shoshone falls would be spring. Make a note to visit the lake above the Shoshone falls. You can enjoy some cliff diving in the lake!
    • Tubbs Hill Nature Trail: If you are not a fan of adrenaline rushing endeavors, Idaho still has a lot to offer. Tubbs Hill is the perfect spot that offers walking trails with gorgeous views. As you walk along this trail in Coeur d’Alene downtown, you will notice a few historical attractions. Moreover, the Tubbs hill has a moderate hike that is suitable for everyone. You will also come across some beaches on the lakeshore and find a perfect spot for swimming.

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    What to do in Idaho Falls

    Idaho Falls will make you forget your social media and business presentation. It will help you reconnect with nature because of its tranquil outdoors.

    • Idaho Falls River Walk and Greenbelt: This belt surrounds the Snake River on both sides and has a picturesque landscape. You can take some incredible photographs, paint the scenery here or even write a touching piece. You can also go on a mini biking tour or take a stroll.
    • Museum of Idaho: There is no better place to learn more about the state. This is an invaluable occasion to find all about culture, art, biology, history, and a lot more. Not to forget, the beautiful collection of artifacts will capture your eyes at first sight. There are a lot of interactive and well-planned displays for both children and grown-ups.
    • Yellowstone National Park: Regarded as the best tourist attractions for its soothing hot springs, Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and abundance of hiking trails, this place will not disappoint you.
    • Grand Teton National Park: The Park is approximately a two-hour drive to the beautiful mountain range. You can spot a range of wildlife creatures like bears and also see glacier lakes!

    Biggest Cities in Idaho

    Idaho has a lot of beautiful cities to explore, and Boise is the capital city. Some of the other big cities in Idaho are:

    1. Meridian
    2. Nampa
    3. Idaho Falls
    4. Pocatello
    5. Caldwell
    6. Twin Falls
    7. Lewiston
    8. Post-Falls

    Things to do with kids in Boise Idaho

    Boise has a bucolic outdoor setting, and you can spend some crazy family time doing little adventures with your little ones.

    • Boise River Greenbelt: This is a serene 30-mile patch for you to go on a bike ride. You will pass by several parks, Boise State University, and gardens. Perhaps a mini race or teaching the kids to the bike will be quite a memorable experience. You can also make a quick halt at the MK Nature Centre and observe the region’s wildlife. This is a top-rated tourist attraction.
    • Boise Whitewater Park: Are you ready to get your muscles functioning for a paddleboard ride? Or do you want to sit back and observe the crystal-like water and the graceful kayaks? Either way, Whitewater Park provides you the perfect opportunity to do both!
    • World Centre for Birds of Prey: If you or your kids love birds of prey such as eagle and hawks, this place will be very intriguing to you. They provide guided tours, informative sessions via visuals, and live demonstrations to gain in-depth knowledge about your favorite bird. This Centre makes its way into most of the itineraries that plan to visit Idaho.
    • Old Idaho Penitentiary: If love crime and mystery stories, then Old Idaho Penitentiary is a spot you would not want to miss. This Idaho prison holds some of the most exciting and intriguing histories of the prison. Thrown open to the public around the 1970s, the gallows offer a glimpse into history’s prison breaks, escapades, scandals, and crime. 

    Fun things to do in Meridian Idaho

    • Visit the Wahooz Family fun zone: Wahooz is a great theme park with an abundance of fun games to play for people belonging to all ages. You can channel the inner child in you and have a wonderful time with your kids by riding those go-karts or chilling at the 100-arcade game. They also offer two miniature golf courses and laser tag. If you wish to visit in summer, you will be in for a real treat because there is a water park immediately next to Wahooz, and you might grab some great combo deals!
    • The Village at Meridian: You will shop till you drop because you can find gorgeous stuff in the stores here, but that is not all; the beautiful water fountain is the prime attraction. The fountain appears so refreshing, and it will reenergize you to continue your shopping spree.
    • Roaring Springs Water Park

    Who does not like splashing and swimming in the water? If you happened to be in Idaho for spring or summer, then do not miss out on this Water Park. Roaring Springs is an ideal place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon under the sun and near the sparkling blue water. The gigantic aquatic Park boasts of fun rides, a lazy river, a huge wave pool, waterslides, and great food and drinks!

    • Wahooz Family Fun zone

    Arcade Games, Laser Tag, and Batting cages sound like fun family time at a given point in time. Waahooz entertainment hub features Go Karting, mini-golf, unique slides, laser maze, bumper cars, rock wall, bowling, and pretty much everything you can ask for! Food and drinks can be grabbed at the cafeteria. This is perfect for a weekend outing with family or friends. You can visit for a few hours or get an all-day pass.

    • Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park

    The Park is one of the major recreational attractions in Meridian. The vast, picturesque Park has a playground, rolling green grass, a little pond, and relaxing walking trails. This Park is popular with families as it is perfect for frisbee, volleyball, or simply walking your pets and relaxing. If you happened to visit this Park, do try fishing, and take some pictures with nature.


    Idaho is an excellent escape from the monotonous life. You can tell the tales of many adventures to your friends after visiting this place and developing a deeper family bond. But even if you are not a very adventurous person, the serenity of Idaho will make you satisfied. The best of all, your kids are going to be extremely joyful and merry after this trip!

    Before you plan to visit and explore Idaho, ensure that you get an ESTA. Besides being convenient to obtain, the visa lasts for as long as two years. Has your ESTA expired? Do not worry; you can get it renewed online with just a few taps.

    Applying for the esta visa is not going to suffice; you have to check your application’s status regularly. Once it is approved, you can try out an esta USA check to know if your application is filed right. It would be ideal if you get this visa a little before the planned journey.

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