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    Top 5 Cities People Are Moving To In South Carolina

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    Top 5 Cities People Are Moving To In South Carolina

    There is a lot to see and do in South Carolina. You’ll hardly run out of ways to see and do, from vast stretches of beautiful beaches and salt marshes to lovely little villages rich in tradition. The region strikes the ideal mix between city and rural. When you add in proximity to coastlines and highlands, it’s the ideal spot to settle down for young families, individuals, and elderly.

    If you want pleasant wintertime, scorching summertime, and pleasant springtime and autumns, the climate is wonderful. Merely some few months of the year are regarded as not warmish, yet even then, the weather is still acceptable.

    Furthermore, South Carolina’s general price of living makes it an appealing alternative for individuals wanting to increase property prices and get the most bang for their buck. Overall standard of rent in South Carolina is 7.3 percent cheaper than the national median. If you want a gorgeous property on the ocean or a quaint townhouse in the state’s crown gem of Charleston, you’ll have to spend a little extra for the amenities. 

    What’s the nicest aspect about living in SC? It’s the cuisine of the region. State is home to some of the country’s most delicious cuisines. You can bet you’ll find anything in this region if it’s a southern speciality. Consider relocating to Conway SC and purchasing your future new house if you want to be close to the ocean yet quite far distant from the congestion.

    We’ll get into the details now that we’ve persuaded you that South Carolina is indeed a viable migration choice.

    Sullivan’s Island

    Sullivan’s Island is the place to go if you’re looking for a beachside home in a serene environment. This lovely coastal town, which is a suburb of Charleston, has a census of just over 2,200 people and is one of the finest locations to live in South Carolina as well as the foremost place to start a family. The public education system on Sullivan’s Island is ranked 6th in the region, and the community is quite secure. You’ll appreciate learning about Sullivan’s rich heritage and seeing landmarks like Fort Moultrie and the Charleston Lighthouse if you prefer being a visitor inside your own hometown (a.k.a. residing like you’re on a perpetual holiday). Otherwise, you could go for a lengthy stroll on the seashore – Sullivan’s has three miles of coastline to admire. Whatever activity you choose, you’ll be sure to appreciate the several simple joys of island life


    If you decide to make Clemson your residence, you’ll need to stock your closet with bright and violet clothing, as the community revolves on its university and athletics. Well, the city isn’t entirely about soccer 24 hours a day (to be truthful, it’s more like 23/6), but it does have a glorious history. Clemson has much more to serve than simply their well- recognized athletic department, including monuments, historical places, performing arts theaters, and sculpture gardens. A football-crazed city doesn’t seem like a horrible place to live, does that really? Clemson has that classic university town ambiance, with a sense of togetherness and a welcoming culture for families. Almost over 40% of the town’s occupants are parents with small children, although the bulk of the town’s people are college students, teachers, and employees. The standard of rent in Clemson, SC, is somewhere around ordinary, but if you’re coming from a country with a high taxable income, South Carolina will become a refreshing change of pace – in more respects than just one.


    Without even mentioning the statehouse, our list of the greatest locations to live in South Carolina would be meaningless. Columbia has the state’s second-largest inhabitants, with about 130,000 people calling it residence. And because the cost of living there is roughly 4% lower than the national average, it’s an appealing alternative for individuals looking for a large metropolitan area at a reasonable price. You’ll find a more varied culture as well as a wider list of activities and amusement in a major city.

    The University of South Carolina is located downtown, which means there are a lot of students, couples, and die-hard Gamecock lovers. Accessibility to the surroundings and recreational purposes is something we haven’t mentioned yet on this listing. Although South Carolina as a whole has a lot to contribute, living in Columbia offers its own number of features. Visitors won’t run out of things to do because you’ll be adjacent to Congaree Nature Reserve, Sesquicentennial State Park, and Lake Murray.

    Isle of Palms

    The second coastal attraction on this list is a local and tourist staple in the Palmetto state. Approximately eight miles of pristine beaches, seaside bars, and easy access to historic Charleston define the Isle of Palms. It’s a fantastic spot for seniors, couples, and young people looking for a small-town feel. One of the most desirable areas to reside in South Carolina.

    A property on the Isle of Palms will set you back on the upper end of the spectrum, with excellent ocean views and much more global golf. But there’s no denying that you get what you pay for in this seaside town, which is a popular choice for both holiday houses and year-round residence. Because of the close vicinity to Charleston, you’ll rarely feel stuck on a peninsula, but rather at ease while on holiday.


    We’ve already mentioned the next city on our list, but Charleston merits its own position in the list of the greatest places to live in South Carolina. After several years of consistent development and increasing appeal as a location for working professionals, couples, and seniors, this city has surpassed Columbia as the state’s largest city. This city is remarkable and thus is extremely lovely, vibrant, contemporary, and serene, and it is a wonderful blend of the greatest features of both a metropolis and a seaside village.

    You could take a stroll through winding roads, shop at the marketplace, see historic monuments, and savor some of the greatest foods in the region. The number of activities to do in Charleston is endless, but the greatest thing of residing in Charleston is connecting with people. If you decide to make Chucktown your place, you’ll feel perfectly at home.


    There’s little question that wherever you reside in South Carolina, you’ll be surrounded by friendly people, southern charm, and mouthwatering cuisine. Alternatively, you might travel a bit farther south and look at the finest locations to live in South Carolina. 

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