OthersTop 7 E-Learning Platforms for Financial Literacy

Top 7 E-Learning Platforms for Financial Literacy


The e-learning industry has expanded heavily in India, also infiltrating the traditional brick-and-mortar system of schooling and college education, by offering a variety of courses varying in terms of durations, certificates, etc., along with other learning resources. In fact, as per the latest figures, in 2016, the Indian e-learning market was sized at around $247 million, with 1.6 million users. It is expected that the market will witness a growth of eight times, to value at $1.96 billion, with a user base of 9.6 million users, by 2021.

One of the many areas that the industry has made a name in, is financial literacy.More and more consumers are looking to increase their financial awareness to make the best possible financial decisions to secure their future financially. Also, with the rise in the popularity of the stock market, many potential investors seek e-learning resources to build a fundamental base of knowledge, at their own pace. The sector has also expanded to provide online professional certificate training, which has created more diverse job opportunities as well.

In this article, we will be looking at some popular e-learning portals that can help users increase their financial literacy, and make the best-informed decisions for their investments and growth of wealth.

1. E Learn markets

Elearnmarkets offers a variety of online education solutions to users of varied knowledge levels, in the form of –

  • Certificate courses;
  • Blogs;
  • Webinars and workshops;
  • Videos, etc.

The website acts as a one-stop solution, where one can learn about the various aspects of personal finance, financial planning, fundamental analysis of stocks, technical analysis, and derivatives. It offers free and paid certificate courses with a host of experts, including courses certified by regulatory bodies like the National Stock Exchange (NSE), and the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX).

Apart from this, the website hosts a wide range of free and paid webinars from experts, covering various topics from the stock market, and also offers free resources like videos and blogs

2. StockEdge

Stock Edge is a one-of-a-kind platform that aims to bring relevant analysis and research from a team of experts, to assist traders and investors at making the best decisions for their portfolio. With a recently-launched web-based portal and one of the best trading app in India, Stock Edge provides end-of-day analytics and visualizations of data to help stock market participants interpret the market better.

The portal also has a section dedicated to helping users to improve their knowledge about the various aspects of the stock market, with a wide range of online webinars and courses and offline workshops and seminars.They offers some of its features for free, but the premium features can be availed through yearly plans which are objectively built to assist people with different learning and financial goals.

3. Udemy

Udemy is an expansive e-learning portal, with courses in over 65 languages. Experts from all over the world host their content here.Users can pick up courses with a life-time validity, and get certificates of completion as well, all-in-all, ensuring learning without any deadline pressure.

Along with personal finance, one can find courses for almost all aspects of finance and investing, including newer aspects like algorithmic and derivatives trading as well. Udemy’s courses can be used by learners to prep for popular finance certification exams like CFA, CMA, ACCA, etc. One can browse through the gargantuan number of courses available from all over the world, to choose the course that suits their need best.

4. Coursera

Instead of having to choose from courses hosted by individual experts, if you are looking for expert guidance from reputed educational institutes, Coursera is a good alternative. Courses are offered in financial planning and personal finance, along with advanced courses on trading, investing and portfolio management.

A unique feature of Coursera is that, a learner can opt for a single course, or for a full specialization, where one will have to do multiple courses to earn a valuable certificate from the college. While students can enroll for free, one has to pay a fee to get a valid certificate as a proof of their learning. This is a useful feature for young learners, who can build their resume with these reputed courses.

5. edX

If you want to expand your knowledge on financial literacy towards a career, you can use the courses of edX. edX offers free and paid courses from a wide range of reputed colleges, in the form of standalone courses and micro-masters programs. A micro-masters program is a combo of graduate-level courses to give students a broader perspective of their learning. Apart from financial literacy, courses are offered for investing, trading and portfolio creation and management as well.

6. Investopedia

While many of us know of Investo pedia as a website with enriching blog content in finance, the website hosts some exhaustive courses on the Investo pedia Academy as well. It hosts single courses, as well as bundles of courses. For example, in the “Personal Finance” bundles, one can pick up courses to learn about budgeting, investing, etc. or pick up the entire series at an economical price.

A unique feature for novice investors and traders to sharpen their skills is their Stock Market simulator, through which students can practice their trading and investing strategies with virtual cash.

7. NSE Online Courses

The National Stock Exchange offers a wide range of interactive, as well as recorded, self-paced certificate courses, and basic modules, which cover the different aspects of the stock market. One can use these courses to assist their personal investing, as well as to enrich their academic background. 

Apart from these platforms, one can use the plethora of free content, like videos, blogs and courses available online, to get started on their learning about finance. To improve financial literacy, and learn the basics of finance to secure our future, one should go through the diversified contents of such platforms and choose the one which suits their needs best.

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