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Top Most Common Scheduling Mistakes by Contractors


Scheduling mistakes by contractors can result in delays and disruptions. It can also result in significant loss of productivity, thus affecting the project’s budget. The scheduling process is crucially important to clients and general contractor should ensure that all factors are taken into account when creating the schedule.

Here are 8 common scheduling mistakes by contractors that should be avoided.

1. Incorrect Resource Projections

A company will have limitations on the resources which are available for a project. Many times contractors do not take these limitations into account, leading to delays or issues with schedules. When you create a schedule, make sure to determine the available resources and allocate them properly. The plan should clearly address this aspect of the project.

2. Not Gathering all the Details

This is one of the reasons why contractors make incorrect resource projections. It can also create several other issues. It is part of the planning process to gather all the details relevant to the project.

Data collection should not just be a part of planning, it should be collected on a daily basis. It will help provide deeper insight and make adjustments as and when required, to achieve the goals.

3. Improper Documentation

One of the important aspects of keeping projects to schedule is to maintain proper records and documentation. Creating a well-organized documentation system can help keep your project on track. It will make it easier to communicate the tasks and prevent delays. Besides, you will also have proper records for the project.

When you maintain proper documentation that covers all stages of construction, it can have a big impact on the viability of your project. The clients and other stakeholders will remain in the loop and will be able to make informed decisions. Thus, it will also help prevent delays in schedule.

4. Ignoring Weather Restraints

A construction project can never be handled without taking into account the weather constraints. Many times contractors ignore or skip this step and suffer unexpected delays to the schedule.

Whether it is rain, snow, or any other kind of adverse weather condition, it should be taken into account when scheduling tasks. Contractors should consider the site’s location and weather forecasts when scheduling their daily tasks. When weather conditions are taken into account, it can help in ensuring that accurate projections are made.

5. Not Syncing Schedule & Actual Task Completion

A common mistake among contractors is not syncing the schedules and actual task completion times. This is due to failure to determine how much time a specific task will take. This causes delays and leads to unmet deadlines. Contractors should keep project schedules up-to-date with their actual task completion.

6. Setting Unrealistic Goals

Many contractors are focused so much on impressing their clients that they can set unrealistic goals for their projects. All clients want their project to be completed as soon as possible. But this results in unrealistic expectations and unrealistic goals.

Contractors should set realistic goals and the schedule should be based on it. It shouldn’t just be about telling the client what they want to hear. It should be about setting realistic goals and achieving them on time.

7. Not Defining Dependencies

All construction schedules will have a proper order of dependencies. When contractors don’t define their dependencies properly, it can lead to missed deadlines.

Schedules should be created after considering that all the dependencies are in proper order.

8. Not Being Proactive

Many contractors are not proactive with their project scheduling. They don’t prepare for what can go wrong with the projects. The key is to be proactive rather than being reactive.

Contractors and their project managers should be proactive in planning additional time and funds for handling the unknown. This will also make it easier and more effective for clients to deal with the additional overhead.

These are the most common scheduling mistakes by contractors. Setting realistic goals, ensuring proper documentation, and being proactive can help in preventing these mistakes.

Author Bio:

The Author has more than a decade of experience in the construction industry. He has worked on hundreds of projects as general contractor in Calgary and has deep understanding of the smallest details that influence project schedules.

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