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Everything About Magna Glaskeramic Sintered Glass Surfaces



MAGNA Glaskeramik sintered glass surfaces achieve unique translucency as a result of crystallization technology and hand-mass processing. These fully recycled glass slabs are perfect to enhance the aesthetic charm of any kitchen interior.

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Magna Glaskeramik Sintered Glass surface is an innovative worktop material, which is made from 100% defective glass bottles and industrial waste. The fully recyclable material is a perfect fit for any urban residential or commercial projects. Its unique glass-like finish makes it stand out from other worktop surfaces that are made from natural or man-made stone.

The glassy Magna Glaskeramik is available in several finishes and unique designs to match any kitchen style. It can even be purchased in different sizes and layouts. These can be easily used for kitchen splashbacks, bar countertops, reception desks, walls or external facades.  

How is Magna Glaskeramik manufactured?

In the UK, Magna Glaskeramik is made from 100% recycled glass bottles that are crushed with industrial machinery. The glass granules are further mixed and sintered, which is a process implying high temperature and pressure conditions to reshape glass in any desired form. The sintering process mimics a natural process that takes around thousands of years but with the latest technology, this technology takes only a few hours to acquire the desired result.

After undergoing immense pressure and temperature conditions, Magna Glaskeramik slabs are further cooled, calibrated and hand-crafted individually. Since it is made by crystallization technology and special hand-made processing, the result is a sturdy material that’s versatile and suitable for practical decoration. 

Is Magna Glaskeramik Sustainable?

As mentioned before, Magna Glaskeramik is a 100% recyclable material and hence, is completely sustainable and can be used again for recycling projects. It is, in fact, one of the most essential characteristics of this brand.

How to Maintain Magna Glaskeramik Glass Surfaces?

In London, Magna Glaskeramik’s glass-like finishes are maintained by cleaning them daily with a specific glass cleaning spray. If you wish to avoid any streaks on the surface, you must use a microfibre cloth for cleaning. However, the surfaces are highly resistant to ethanol, acetones, petrol and other chemicals. Use only the specially-created cleaning agent for these glass surfaces.

Application of Magna Glaskeramik

Magna Glaskeramik is ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications. Boasting glass-like appearance in various thicknesses and finishes, this material is likely to complement almost any interior design. You can see some brush stroke-like patterns in different colours. This is done to give a translucent effect to this glass material.

Due to its modern design and high-tech manufacturing process, Magna Glaskeramik is considered a durable material. Therefore, it is suitable for applications in different residential and commercial properties as wall cladding, backsplashes, reception desks, restaurant table tops, bar countertops, cafe countertops and more.

Magna Glaskeramik Colour Options

Magna Glaskeramik is available in a wide range of colours to match any interior style – be it classic or contemporary. Here is a small list of the different types of Magna Glaskeramik colours to blend with your home or workspace interior.

  1. Magna Glaskeramik Light Grey: It is a sintered glass in grayish hue, which is likely to suit any internal and external applications. This glass surface is durable and resistant to stains and scratches, along with strong translucent capabilities. This means you can use this material as a back lit option for flooring, walls and worktops.
  2. Magna Glaskeramik Ocean Blue: This sintered glass comes with a vivid blue background that’s further accented with natural shapes. Highlighting its exotic and translucent characteristics, Magna Glaskeramik Ocean Blue can transform any project. Additionally, it provides natural charm and rich colors to the area where it’s installed.
  3. Magna Glaskeramik Champagne Brown: This glass surface invokes its origin from Champagne brown and beer glass bottles. Its exclusive surface boasts exotic qualities to suit any project. The brown background coupled with surreal appearance gives a truly unique feel to this product.
  4. Magna Glaskeramik Jade: It is another sensational sintered glass highlighting light green colours accented with natural translucence. Due to its availability in different sizes and finishes, this particular type is suitable for backlit applications in any commercial or residential spaces.
  5. Magna Glaskeramik Ice Nugget: This specific sintered glass is manufactured from low-iron glass waste. Moreover, its highly versatile and translucent properties make it a highly sophisticated and versatile product to bring authenticity and vivacity in any interior. 
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