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WA health minister says COVID-19 jumped into Victoria as a result of bureau did not management its natural event


WA’s health minister says if the bureau had “gone more durable earlier” with additional widespread internment once the COVID-19 natural event began within the northern beaches it might not have unfolded to the western suburbs and Victoria.

WA health minister says COVID-19 jumped into Victoria because NSW failed to control its outbreak

Roger Cook, United Nations agency is additionally the Acting Premier, told reporters on Sabbatum that he expected the number of cases in Victoria to extend additional within the returning days.

Mr Cook aforementioned Victoria had community unfold of the sickness as a “direct result” of not dominant the natural event in the bureau and it had been terrible regarding.

“It vindicates our position that we should always currently have a tough border against Victoria, however it’s dissatisfactory that matters has arrived wherever you truly have those bureau cases movement to Victoria,” he said.

“Potentially, in an exceedingly totally different state of affairs, if they’d gone more durable earlier that will not have occurred.

“But I’m not in their shoes. What I’m making an attempt to try and do is certify that we tend to keep West Australians safe.”

WA Health Minister and Acting Premier Roger Cook says NSW should have “gone harder earlier”. Picture: AAP Image/Richard Wainwright

Asked regarding the hotspot strategy, that WA has ne’er backed, mister Cook aforementioned a “wider perspective” was vital to limit the impact of the unfolding of any natural event.

“They had attention in reference to the northern beaches. The new front … is really currently the western suburbs,” he said.

“If they’d gone to an internment forthwith that will have restricted any growth of the sickness among those western suburbs.”

WA shut its border to Victorians on January one when antecedent swing a stop to bureau travelers.

Only exempt Victorian travellers are allowed into WA, whereas returning residents should self-isolate for 2 weeks and be tested on day eleven.

Anyone United Nations agency arrived in WA from Victoria on or when Dec twenty one should conjointly self-quarantine for fourteen days and be tested on day eleven.

No Victorian travellers United Nations agency came to WA last month have to this point tested positive for the virus, mister Cook confirmed.

A passenger has their G2G pass verified by a police officer at Perth Airport. Picture: Paul Kane/Getty Images

WA recorded 3 new cases of coronavirus night long, together with a mother and her kid, still, as another feminine, United Nations agency is bushed building quarantine when being overseas.

The new confirmed cases bring the state’s total tally to 866 infections. There are nineteen active cases in WA.

WA has gone 266 days while not community transmission of the virus.


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