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Why Go to Networking Events on Your Time Off?

Why Go to Networking Events on Your Time Off

Do you see networking events as an after work burden that just isn’t worth it? Here’s a list of reasons why to seize every networking opportunity you can and how it can affect you both professionally and personally.

Build Your Professional Network

By going to networking events you can begin to build and extend your professional network. Spending the time to go to networking events shows your current employer and potential new business connections that you are a team player and self-motivated. And sometimes you don’t know when you’ll be looking for a new opportunity, therefore having a solid network of professional contacts can help catapult your career in new directions should you decide to leave your current role.

Meet People with Similar Interests

Likely people that work in the same industry share similar interests with you. Networking events are not only a good way to connect professionally but a good opportunity to meet new people in the area. This is especially great if you take a job in a new city or just want to make some more friends that are on a similar path as you. Making face-to-face connections with strangers helps you grow personally and can blossom into a cool friendship or professional partnership for your business.

Gain New Clients

While having a digital strategy is essential for your business, meeting clients in person is equally vital. Networking is hugely important for gaining more clients to add to your existing portfolio. If you are a small business owner networking is a great way to meet people who potentially need your good or service. If you work for a company, networking to gain new clients is a great way to show your employer that you have the ability to bring in new business that helps their bottom line, giving you grounds to ask for a promotion!

These are just a few of the ways that networking on your time off can help you as a professional. So instead of seeing networking events as a chore, look on the bright side of things by seeing how these events can help further propel your career. Happy networking!

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