About Us

Lifeyet NEWS is multi-platform news and information media broadcast company. Every month, we deliver world-class journalism to more than 100 million world’s most influential audiences in over 150 countries, who want to stay up-to-date with all that is happening in the world. Whether it’s News, Sports, Money, Politics, or Entertainment, we drive an imperative conversation every day on every platform. We aim to provide news, stories, and features that touch and reflect lifestyle, choices, and aspirations. We are a division of Lifeyet NEWS Corp.

When it comes to online news, millions of people across the world trust Lifeyet NEWS Digital. That is because we not only inform people, but we also engage with them and empower them by sharing the true picture of things. We focus on the issues that matter, the events that are making the right connection with the people, and technologies that are shaping our today and tomorrow.

Each of our journalists has only one aim — to find out the truth and report it as it is to the people all around the world. Reporting the news fairly, accurately, and vigorously is not only our job but it is also our passion.

To be able to report facts and stories from all around the globe as they happen, it is important to have a diverse and inclusive work environment. At Lifeyet NEWS, we have strong work ethics in place and we totally believe in a diverse, inclusive workplace. We have journalists on the ground in over 150 countries. Every month, we reach out to as many as 100 million viewers across the world. To make sure we share and tell stories with accuracy, empathy, and respect, we are fully committed to creating a diverse team.