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    A/C Tips for summer

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    Long and lazy afternoons lying by the pool, sunset barbeques and beach parties, warm nights..many people love being outdoors in the summer.

    But what about the indoors?

    Without a good AC, summers indoors can be unbearably hot, slowly making you long for the bitter cold of winter.As summer progresses, we will use our air conditioners more and more. With increasing usage in the soaring temperatures, it becomes vital to care for your A/C to keep it running effectively. There is nothing quite as miserable as broken down air conditioning in the height of summer. So, how do we keep our AC working well throughout summer?

    1.    Schedule preventative maintenance

    Before the busy and hot summer season hits, ensure your A/C receives a thorough tune-up. Regular maintenance extends the unit’s lifespan and keeps it in tip-top shape. This means more efficient and faster-cooling A/C while saving on energy usage. The preventative maintenance should be done yearly and by professionals Experts like the Eastern Shore Heating & Air Conditioning can diagnose and address potential issues before summer kicks in.Besides, scheduling maintenance before the summer season means receiving maintenance plans, discounts, rebates, and free assessments, take advantage.  

    2.    Reduce heat sources

    Different heat sources at our homes decrease the performances of the A/C making it overwork. However,reducing various heat sources means enjoying a more efficient AC unit.Replace the single-paned windows with double-paned ones, put in shutters, use blinds and sunshades to block out excess heat. Additionally, close blinds to keep out the sun and stop cold air from escaping. Alternatively, tint your windows or cover your sunlit windows with light-colored and thick curtains and keep them closed during the hottest days to provide insulation. Seal any opening and cracks using weather-stripping or caulk around the windows and doors to prevent the heat and air leaks to your home. 

    For the sun-facing walls, add insulation. Lastly, avoid using appliances like dryers, laptops or computers, washers or ovens, and TV sets, near the air-conditioning room since the thermostat senses their heat making the AC overwork.

    3.    Utilize ceiling fans

    Using fans, especially automated ones together with AC, works better in circulating air and removing humidity and heat from your home. When the fan blades rotate clockwise, it directs the airflow on the downward motion, thus preventing the hotter air/heat from rising and triggering the A/C unit to overwork. So, operating the AC and fan together helps in saving energy and making the air conditioner work more effectively. 

    4.    Clear and check-out the drainage line

    Constant operation of an AC system results in condensation forming inside, thus making the air more humid. Humidity plays a significant role in making you feel hotter. For example, when the humidity is at 100 percent, it makes 90° F feel like 132° F.A well-kept AC is designed to get rid of condensation, thus dehumidifying it. A clogged AC drainage line can also lead to the growth of bacteria, algae, and mold, leading to respiratory health issues.

    To keep your AC at the right dehumidification capacity, it’s advisable to keep the drainage line free of debris. Suction out debris by pouring bleach on the drainage opening to prevent mold, mildew, and algae from building up. This keeps the drainage line clear and open for quality airflow.

    5.  Place your AC unit under the shade.

    While it’s hard to move your air conditioning unit from its location, it is feasible to put it under the shade. Use the AV unit cover around it or build a ventilated pergola. Doing this allows the air around the air conditioner to cool down when exposed to the sun significantly. This means the air conditioner won’t have to overwork when cooling the air entering your home.

    6.  Keep the AC unit area clear.

    Tall grasses, plants, weeds, and other debris may block the AC airflow preventing it from working effectively. Clear the surrounding area to ensure nothing blocks or interferes with the AC unit’s ability to function.

    7.   Avoid opening doors and windows.

    During summer, we all want to enjoy the outside breeze but opening doors and windows repeatedly affects your AC’s performance. The AC unit works by sensing the room ambient air temperature and cycling it on and off until it gets the matching settings. Continually opening doors and windows makes the heat coming inside your home fall or rises accordingly. This makes the unit work harder to adjust. Keeping the outside and inside air isolated enables the air conditioning to work more efficiently. you can buy a best ac in India.

    8.  Clean and change AC Filters

    Regardless of the level of cleanliness in your home, particles find ways of floating around the air and getting sucked into your AC unit. In return, these particles cause internal problems by clogging the central HVAC system and reducing the unit airflow, forcing the AC to work even harder in pulling enough air. Moreover, dirty filters increase maintenance issues and energy bills.

    According to the U.S Department of Energy, it’s advisable to change the air filters every two-three months for less used units. But for frequently used AC units, change filters every month.

    9. Keep It Clean

    Cleaning the air conditioner makes it healthier and gives it the ability to perform better. Start by turning off the power, open the AC unit, and remove the duct tape, screws or bolts. Clean the evaporators coil using a soft brush to remove particles, pollen, and skin cells. 

    Next, use hot water, bleach, and soap to unclog the drain pan. Alternatively, use drain pan tablets to prevent algae from growing inside your AC drain. Cleaning the outside and inside of your AC keeps it working smoothly.


    Your air conditioning makes your home an oasis away from the heat of summer. With the above A/C tips for summer, you can be assured of an efficiently working system, less energy bills and a cool house all summer long.

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