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    A Comprehensive Guide to Wholesale Hair Toppers: Everything You Need to Know

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    There’s a good reason why hair toppers have been a hot topic lately. By just clipping into your hair, they are a great way to add volume to the top of your head. They are lightweight and simple to use. Hair toppers are available in various designs, shapes, sizes, and densities. Real human hair or synthetic heat-resistant fibre can be used to make them.

    We want to give you all the information you require about hair toppers, like what they are, who can use them, and decorating tips. We have answered a lot of questions, so let’s embark on this blog!

    As well as being an excellent solution for women whose locks get thinner or fall off their heads and top of their heads, hair toppers work wonders for women whose hair is fine or flat, as they add volume and coverage to the top of their hair.

    How to Choose a Hairpiece?

    Depending on the wearer’s preferences, toppers are available in a variety of sizes and lengths. The most common sizes are between 5×7 and 7×9, and the most popular length is 14 inches. How do you choose one?

    Find your current stage of hair loss (beginning, progressive, or advanced). The larger the topper you need, the more hair loss you have. Take the width of the area where you are losing hair as well as the length of your head from side to side and front to back. That way, you’ll be able to decide if the hair topper you ultimately decide to buy fits you perfectly.

    Who wears hair extensions, and why do they wear them?

    In count to being useful for adding more thickness and density, hair toppers instantly cover bald or significantly thinning areas on a woman’s head. This is especially useful for women who are experiencing androgenetic alopecia or female pattern baldness.
    Therefore, toppers can give the illusion of a woman having a full, natural head of hair if they are applied and styled properly to blend in with her natural hair. Women will experience an increase in assurance and beauty in their appearance as a result. As a professional human hair topper manufacturer, we have a human hair topper factory that wholesale hair Toppers worldwide. Organic Hair is a professional human hair topper manufacturer and supplier in Qingdao, China.

    The Various Base Kinds 

    To assist in selecting the perfect hair topper, it can be helpful for those making their first hair topper to educate themselves about different kinds of hair topper bases. Four distinct types of bases are available in our hair topper collection at UniWigs.

    Base of Lace

    If you want to make sure the front hairline looks like your own, the lace base, which is made of lace material with individual hairs tied to the base, can be a great option. For hot days, lace bases are ideal because they are lightweight and breathable.


    Individual hairs are tied to a fine mesh material with a monobase so that air and light can pass through. You may achieve a natural look by changing the part as you like with the great styling versatility provided by the monofilament base. Mono Bases have a long lifespan and are very robust.

    Silk Basis

    The top front of the cap is made of pure silk fabric with a layer of lace build, which is called the Silk Top Base. The Silk Base boasts the most realistic scalp appearance available on the market right now. Because the knots are hidden beneath the silk base, a silk base will well conceal them, and you won’t need to worry about using more techniques to make the knots invisible or less noticeable.

    Skin Basis

    The Hairline and Scalp That Are Most Lifelike. As the name implies, a skin base has the same texture and look as your skin. Knots are 100% invisible because the hair is injected, v-looped, or knotted onto the base. The skin base can be perfectly blended in with the skin, especially in the front area.

    A hair topper only covers a small portion of the head, which sets it apart from a wig. In addition to being more accessible than complete wigs, some wearers find that hair toppers are more comfortable because they are lighter. Despite this, because full wigs have more coverage, many people like to wear them.

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