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    A Guide to French Wine Regions and Wine Tasting

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    France is a country that produces the most delicious wines in thousands, each offering a fabulous taste. These wines can be tasted through wine-tasting tours, which take you right into the heart of the lands that produce the grapes used to produce world-famous wines. As part of the tour programs, you will be given information about the place where the wine is grown and the process used to make it.

    What Are The Best Places To Visit In France For Wine Tasting? 

    An interesting fact about wine tasting in France is that it is free. However, when you pick a place that produces wines, stop over there and taste them; it is better to always buy one bottle. The places where you can taste wine range from lovely villages to residences that are like castles or wine estates that have been around for generations.

    Inside the French wineries, there is a full area dedicated to wine tasting, which makes it more enjoyable and gives a unique experience. If you want to stay longer, then book lodgings so that you can be around for a couple of days in a particular region to taste the varied wines there. Reach the country through an Air France flight, which operates direct flights from capital cities across the globe. Here is a look at how you can tour the many places known for wine production in France:

    • Try an 18th-century wine cellar in Paris for a wine tasting where you are also given a detailed description of the process; otherwise, opt for a tour that lets you drink champagne on top of the Eiffel Tower.
    • Move on to Saint-Emilion, where you get to taste delicious red wines, one of which is quite well known: Merlot. In this place, you can pick out where you want to taste from the numerous wineries that offer a huge selection of wines that have been aged only on their properties.
    • Next, you need to check out Route Des Grands Crus, which takes you over 37 villages from which you can select any for wine tasting from Pinot grapes 
    • Head over to the Champagne district and stop at the town of Epernay, where it is made in the finest quality so you can relish it in its best flavors. 
    • If you are seeking wines that come from different grapes like Mourvedre, Grenache, and Syrah grapes then you must make a visit to Southern Rhone.
    • There is nothing that quite compares to the taste of sparkling wines that come from  Loire Valley 
    • Move on to Bordeaux, which is known for producing fabulous red wines that grow from its calcium-rich, gravelly soil. Pick from a selection of delicious red wines that leave a lingering taste in the mouth.
    • Come to Beaujolais, which is known for producing wines from Gamay Noir grapes and has a light, fruity taste. These wines are easy to drink because they have low tannins and a good level of acidity.
    • Finally, come to Cote d’Azur, which is known for its fresh rose wines that offer such a delicious taste.

    Tasting wines from different locations in France, lets you explore them in-depth and helps find what is most suitable for your palette. If you are into French cuisine then it is certainly a must to know them so that you can pair the best with the dish that you are preparing.  Air France offers direct flights from capitals worldwide enabling you to reach the country easily and enjoy a wine-tasting tour. 

    If you were to do the exploring on your own, the best way to travel is by bike, car, or even a hot air balloon. The wine-producing regions of France are known for their lovely flowers and delicious traditional food, the taste of which is complemented by the finest wine. As you explore the region, there are many places that will take you back in time which shows the antiquity of their wine production. Wines from France grace the tables of restaurants and hotels across the globe making them a delicious culinary experience on special occasions, so it is important to know about wine tasting to find out which ones you would prefer for celebrations. 

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