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    Best Places to Hide a Safe In Your Home.

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    Best Places to Hide a Safe In Your Home

    As a responsible house owner, this is crucial to keep all the precious things in your house in a secure place. We know that you have a cupboard, table, cabinet, etc. But these are very easy to break and get robbed by thieves. Sometimes, keeping valuable things in an open place attracts people and they are tempted to do evil things.

    Well, no matter what the situation is, the safety of your precious things is the key factor that you should think about seriously. Well, the best way of keeping things concealed has a safe in your safe. Safe is undoubtedly secure if you keep this out of the sight of common people. If people get enough time, they can break any kind of safe. So, you have to install the safe in a place that will hide your stuff completely. Let’s know how you can keep your safe hidden.

    # Hiding in the Basement:

    Among all the secret places of your house, the basement is the safest place for hiding your safe. This is the place where no one can enter without your permission. You can install the safe on the floor if it is even. It will keep your stuff completely protected from any kind of harm. The only thing you should be careful about is the humidity level. If the humidity level is high in the basement, you can use a dehumidifier to keep your stuff dry. Nothing will happen to your jewelry, cash, or paper documents.

    # Under the Floorboards:

    Most American houses have floorboards as the floor material instead of concrete. This is a huge opportunity for you to hide your safe under the floorboard. There are lots of models that are suitable for installing under the floorboard. You can get one and install it in your convenient place. You can do it in your living room where you spend more time watching TV or reading the newspaper. You can also set it in your bedroom.

    # Under the Kitchen Cupboards:

    Kitchen cupboards are another good place for hiding your safe. Almost every kitchen has a cupboard with enough space, sometimes more than you need. You can easily install your safe. Well, we suggest doing this for housewives’ safety and also your family. Basically, the robber can’t even imagine that you can hide your safe in your kitchen. He will search everywhere but get nothing. This is a great way of making the bad people fool by installing the safe in the kitchen. So, feel free to install a safe in your kitchen cupboard.

    # Behind a Painting or Mirror:

    This is actually very tricky. When you need to keep your valuable things protected and also keep these near your hands, hiding safe behind a mirror can be the best option. You will find so many wall safes that are perfect for installing behind a painting or a mirror. Installing a safe behind a painting or mirror will keep your stuff safe and also allow you to use your stuff at any time. Isn’t it amazing?

    # Behind Your Books:

    Hiding the safe behind your books is another very tricky and concealed way of protecting your safe. If a robber enters your house, he will search everywhere but not your bookshelf. You can get a compact size safe that is good for installing in a little space. You will find lots of models like this. Get one and keep your stuff secure along with the safe.

    There are lots of ways of keeping your safe concealed. But the above options are easier and safer than other options. If you have a safe and want to keep it hidden, you can try one of these ways. It will surely help you to protect your valuable stuff. Best of luck!

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