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    Blooket Join: Everything you need to know

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    As an educator, you understand the importance of engaging students and making learning fun. One way to achieve this is through educational games and interactive activities. Blooket is a free website with games and tools designed specifically for the classroom. Their “join” feature allows you to instantly launch live games and challenges with your students to review content or introduce new topics in an exciting way.

    In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about using the “join” feature on Blooket including how to set up join codes for your classes, options for different game modes, customizing questions and time limits, viewing student progress and results, and the many benefits of interactive learning for motivation and retention. Implementing an engaging learning tool like Blooket into your lessons is a simple way to energize your classroom and inspire students. Read on to get started with Blooket join and see why so many educators are turning to this innovative resource.

    What Is Blooket Join?

    Blooket Join is a free educational gaming platform used by teachers and students to make learning fun and engaging. It offers various learning games, also known as “blooks,” across subjects like math, language arts, science, and history for grades K-12.

    Teachers can create free virtual classrooms and add students using a join code or class link. Within the classrooms, teachers assign blooks to students, set time limits, review student progress, and give rewards. Students then work through the blooks at their own pace, earning points and competing against classmates on leaderboards.

    Some of the popular blooks on the platform include:

    • Factory – A multiplication game where students build factories to produce goods.
    • Gold Quest – A math game focused on addition and subtraction. Students explore a dungeon to find gold and gems.
    • Aquatic – A reading comprehension game where students read passages about aquatic animals and answer questions.
    • 50 States – A geography game where students place all 50 U.S. states on a map.

    Blooket Join offers an engaging way for students to build skills through gameplay and competition. Teachers gain access to real-time data and reports to monitor student progress and target areas that need improvement. The platform continues to add new features and blooks to keep learning exciting for students.

    With over 5 million students and 300,000 teachers already using the platform, Blooket Join is becoming an increasingly popular tool in K-12 classrooms. The competitive and interactive nature of the games motivates students to want to improve their skills. Overall, Blooket Join brings learning to life in a fun and challenging way.

    How to Use Blooket Join Codes

    To utilize Blooket join codes, follow these steps:

    1. Locate the join code provided by your teacher or event organizer. The join code will be a series of letters and numbers, such as “abc123”.
    2. Open the Blooket website or app on your device. Select “Join Game” or “Enter Code”.
    3. Enter the join code exactly as provided, including any capital letters. Then select “Join”.
    4. You will then enter the specific Blooket game or activity with that join code. The game options could be a quiz, tower defense, racing, or another activity, depending on what your teacher has set up.
    5. Follow the on-screen instructions to play the Blooket game or complete the activity. This may involve answering questions, defending towers, racing to the finish, or other interactive elements, contingent upon the particular game.
    6. Stay for the full duration of the Blooket game or activity as directed by your teacher. Do not leave early or your progress may not be properly recorded.
    7. Your score, time, points, or other metrics will be tracked for the specific join code you entered. This allows your teacher to see your participation and results for the assigned Blooket game or activity.
    8. To join another Blooket game or activity, obtain a new join code from your teacher or event organizer and repeat the steps to enter that new code.

    Using the join code system in Blooket allows teachers and students to organize games and activities together for an engaging learning experience, even when not physically together. Following the proper steps to enter the join code and participate fully in the Blooket event will enable you to get the most out of this collaborative platform.

    Tips for Creating Custom Blooket Games

    To create a customized Blooket game, follow these tips:

    Choose a Theme

    Select a theme to center your game around, such as animals, geography, or science. The theme will determine the types of questions and answers in your game. Think about topics that would interest the players and keep them engaged.

    Write Engaging Questions

    Come up with a variety of questions on your chosen theme to challenge players. Include multiple choice, true/false, and open-ended questions. Make the questions exciting by incorporating images, sounds or videos. Keep the questions at an appropriate difficulty level for your target players.

    Add Powerups

    Powerups increase the excitement in your game. Consider adding powerups like time boosts, point multipliers or immunity. Decide how players will obtain the powerups, such as by answering questions correctly or as random drops. Powerups encourage players to keep participating to gain advantages.

    Set a Time Limit

    Adding a time limit, such as 60 to 180 seconds per round, increases the thrill and competitiveness of your game. The time limit will force players to think fast to answer as many questions as possible before time runs out. You can allow players to earn time bonuses for correct answers to extend the round.

    Include a Leaderboard

    A leaderboard displays players’ scores, ranks and other stats, adding an extra motivator for players to do well. Decide if you want a leaderboard for individual rounds, the entire game, or both. The leaderboard fosters a sense of competition and accomplishment in players.

    Test and Revise

    Test your game with a sample group to identify any issues with the questions, theme, powerups or other features. Ask players for feedback on their experience and what you could improve. Then, revise your game based on the input before releasing it to the public. Revision helps to optimize the player experience and overall enjoyment of your custom Blooket game.

    Top Blooket Games to Try With Friends

    Top Blooket Games to Try With Friends

    When playing Blooket with friends, there are several popular games that are highly engaging and entertaining. These games provide an opportunity for friendly competition while also allowing participants to work together.

    • Gold Quest: In this adventure-themed game, players work together to mine for gold and gems while avoiding hazards like lava and cave-ins. By collaborating to overcome obstacles, Gold Quest strengthens teamwork and problem-solving skills. Players must strategize the best way to maximize resources and achieve the highest score.
    • Tower Defense: This strategy game challenges players to build a defense system to protect their base from incoming enemies. Players earn money from defeated enemies that can be used to purchase defenses like archer towers, cannons, and barricades. Teamwork is key as players determine the optimal defense layout and timing of upgrades. Those with strong critical thinking and coordination skills tend to excel at Tower Defense.
    • Prison Escape: As the name suggests, the goal of this game is to escape from prison. Players must work together to solve clues and puzzles, pick locks, avoid guards, and navigate mazes to find an escape route. Prison Escape encourages creative thinking, logic, and collaboration to overcome obstacles. Success requires trusting your teammates and communicating well under pressure.
    • Factory: In this production and logistics game, players team up to operate an assembly line. Raw materials enter the factory and must be transported, processed, and assembled into finished products. Players take on roles like engineers, factory workers, and quality control to maximize efficiency. Factory develops useful real-world skills like workflow optimization, time management, and the ability to adapt to changing demands.

    With an array of challenging and engaging games to choose from, Blooket is an excellent platform for exercising teamwork, communication, and problem-solving with friends. The games reward strategic thinking, quick learning, and the ability to work cohesively under constraints. Regardless of the specific games selected, Blooket offers an opportunity for friendly competition and bonding over shared victories and learning experiences.

    The Benefits of Using Blooket Join in the Classroom

    Blooket Join provides several benefits for classroom learning. Teachers have found it enhances student engagement and comprehension.

    Improved Student Engagement

    Blooket Join’s game-based learning platform motivates students with an exciting and interactive experience. The competitive elements keep students focused and encourage active participation. This high level of engagement leads to better information retention and more enthusiasm for the subject matter.

    Deeper Understanding

    The interactive nature of Blooket Join activities requires students to apply critical thinking skills. They must strategize, make quick decisions, and see the impact of those choices immediately. This trial-and-error process helps to cement lessons in students’ minds. Teachers have seen noticeable improvements in students’ grasp of concepts and ability to make connections across topics.

    Differentiated Instruction

    Blooket Join offers various modes of play that appeal to diverse learning styles. Educators can choose team, individual, or collaborative games to suit their particular students’ needs. The platform also provides options for different skill levels and subject areas. This flexibility allows teachers to tailor activities to their students’ abilities and curriculum.

    Formative Assessment

    Blooket Join gives teachers useful data and insights into their students’ progress. The results and leaderboards from games provide an informal assessment of students’ understanding and areas that may need review. Teachers can also create short quizzes within Blooket Join to formally check comprehension. The data and reporting features help educators make informed decisions about pacing, reteaching, and next steps.

    Overall, Blooket Join is a powerful edtech tool that boosts student success through active, engaging learning experiences. The competitive, interactive games motivate students while strengthening their grasp of lessons. At the same time, the platform empowers teachers with the flexibility and data they need to provide the best personalized instruction for their students. With these significant benefits, it’s easy to see why Blooket Join has become an invaluable resource for classrooms.


    You now have all the essential information you need to get started with Blooket Join. This innovative learning platform offers an exciting way for students to engage with course material through interactive games and challenges.The variety of game modes accommodates different learning styles and the option to create your own custom games provides endless possibilities for implementation in any subject area or grade level. Joining this growing community of educators will allow you to connect with other teachers, share insights and best practices, access resources to supplement your lessons. While technology should never replace effective teaching, tools like Blooket can enhance student motivation and complement traditional instructional methods. Take the time to explore all that Blooket Join has to offer. You and your students will be delighted with this fun new way of learning.

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