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    British vs American Style – Observations from a British Girl Abroad

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    A few months ago, I left the University of Birmingham (in England) in the back of to spend a semester analyzing overseas in Minnesota, USA.

    As you can imagine, analyzing overseas in America has given me a bit of tradition shock. But it’s additionally been an eye-opening experience. Over the previous few months, I’ve spent some time soaking up American trend and gazing how it differs from what we put on in England. And today, I favour sharing what I’ve realized with you.

    Before I get started, I desire to factor a few matters out. First, whilst I have finished plenty of research, most of the statistics are based totally on my very own experiences.

    Second, most of the lookup I got here throughout on this challenge was once very, very stereotypical, and due to the fact of that, components of this publish also comply with suit.

    Finally, preserve in thought that I am analyzing overseas in a northern Minnesota city. While I love it here, I comprehend it is now not the trend capital of the world.

    I recognize trend differs from nation to state, and I’m sure what I see right here in Minnesota is a world away from what I’d see in New York.

    So, to sum it up, I recognize there are many, many exceptions to these ideas, and this article is now not supposed to advocate that each person in both united states of America attire the identical way.

    I’m no longer attempting to lump human beings into classes – my goal is right to lay out the overarching fashion subject matters I have seen while treading overseas right here in the US.

    Emma Watson hit the nail on the head when she said, of British Style:

    “It’s so humorous due to the fact now that I’m in America, I’m greater capable of outlining it. Before I didn’t have a focus of any other style.”

    British Style Basics

    British trend has continually been acclaimed for its “fearlessness” and Brits are famed for their man or woman feel of Style. We’re frequently described as having a “thrown-on” sense to what we wear. We combine prints, patterns, and patterns, and many ladies pull this off effortlessly.

    In my experience, the key to British fashion is in no way searching too polished. The competition seems famous year-round – suppose bed-head hair and vintage-style pieces. Also, as Emma Watson stated in that equal interview, we’re ruled by using the climate in this country.

    We put on our skirts and shorts with black opaque tights, and flip flops are changed with plimsolls. Colleen used to be proper when she stated British fashion is “girly; however, really has a part to it”. This is how I would categorize British Style, and my personal-public Style, too.

    British Style Key Pieces

    I didn’t recognize till after I’d made this collage, however, you may want to without difficulty combine and suit almost all the gadgets here.

    The floral costume should be worn with the trench or the blazer or the leather-based jacket – florals and leather-based are a famous aggregate in England. The outfit ought to be worn with tights and boots or tights and plimsolls – or even the rain boots.

    If you favor extra data on British trend staples, make sure you take a look at out this listing of 50 Things Every British Girl Should Own. The tea costume is a fashion staple – even higher if it’s vintage!

    Recently voted the exceptional dressed female of 2010 via Harper’s Bazaar, British actress Carey Mulligan mixes classic ’50s sublime with present-day clothier pieces.

    And her fashion is all her very own – she famously grew to become down Anna Wintour’s recommendation to put on a brief costume to the Oscars. Carey’s style is tailored, but ladylike, and her daylight hours fashion is easy however eclectic.

    Alexa Chung

    Alexa exemplifies the archetypal British fashion – eccentric, enjoyable, and edgy. She mixes her girly portions with challenging weather-based jackets and usually appears fully effortless. Her festival-chic fashion sincerely demonstrates the just-threw-this-on aspect of British Style.

    Kate Moss

    And what listing of fashionable Brits would be entire earring Kate Moss? The girl who began the skinny denim and ballet apartments style are usually without difficulty stylish, and but her model-off-duty seem to be is additionally absolutely wearable. She is a massive fan of layers, as nicely as mixing textures and prints.

    British Style Shops

    In my experience, the most famous shops in England include, of course, the ultra-famous Top shop. But if you’re buying in England, don’t forget about to take a look at out Miss Selfridge, River Island and All Saints, plus Primark and New Look for on-trend bargains.

    British Style in 5 Steps


    Invest in a few magnificent jackets- in particular a leather-based one and a blazer. Scarves are continually an excellent accent for maintaining your heat as nicely as stylish. Also, put on tights with everything!

    Always be organized for rain!

    It rains a lot in England, so if you’re spending some time there, usually pack a lovable umbrella and make sure your footwear is waterproof!

    Add edgy portions to a female look.

    Wear leather-based boots with a lace dress, a studded bracelet with a prom costume, or a leather jacket over your tea dress. Even after all these years, British Style nonetheless has a component of punk left in it.

    Never seem to be too done.

    Keep your hair messy or your eye make-up barely smudgy to get an actual pageant to feel. Don’t fear if you have a run in your tights- put on them anyway! Mix and fit sudden patterns and textures for an “I simply threw this on” look.

    Be courageous and have fun!

    My preferred aspect of British fashion is that we’re no longer afraid to have enjoyable with style. So put on shiny tights instead of black, or pair two loud-print portions collectively a substitute for maintaining one simple. Incorporate catwalk traits into your every day look, and don’t be afraid to rock outlandish gadgets with confidence.

    American Style Basics

    From what I’ve gathered in my time here, American fashion is an awful lot greater traditional and a lot much less trend-focused than British style is. The technique here is a lot greater casual, comfort-focused, and laid back.

    To me, American women just appear to put one’s portions with impeccable Style. An easy black tank or white t-shirt is continually made to seem plenty greater fascinating with the addition of accessories. Plus, American females (and guys!) genuinely understand how to rock a pair of jeans!

    American Style Key Pieces

    First and foremost, I have to discuss denim! Americans have a way of carrying denim, so they don’t seem like a remaining resort; they seem to be comfortable and casual.

    I, in particular, love the way American female costume up denim with heels and a fantastic pinnacle for a night time out!

    Above, I selected portions stimulated using garments I noticed on campus here. All the parts I chose are quite versatile and straightforward, however additionally lovable and classic. Denim shorts appear to be a staple over right here in the summer, and of course, the denim jacket is, too.

    I love that you can do double-denim in a relaxed way, except searching too try-hard! Cowboy boots had to be included, also – we Brits can help by no means appear to put them on besides searching like we’re attempting to be ironic!

    American Style Icons

    Jennifer Aniston

    Jen’s fashion is so timeless – it’s simple but elegant, and female barring being too girly. She usually appears flawlessly polished, whether or not she is at a premiere or taking walks her dog.

    She additionally continually wears traditional portions and chooses attire that exhibits off her figure, barring being too revealing.

    Whitney Port

    We all love Whitney’s fashion due to the fact she takes dangers too hard. Her seem exciting, however sophisticated.

    She loves to combine prints however nevertheless has that cool Californian laid-back look, and she can rock a pair of short shorts like none other! Of course, she likes to comply with trends. However, she is aware of what fits her and has exciting about it.

    Katherine Hepburn

    You College Fashion regulars will comprehend we all love Katharine Hepburn’s Style. Her seem a combination of ancient Hollywood glamour and never-outdated menswear-inspired Style. She is the epitome of taking something simple, like an undeniable white button-down, and making it seem unusual.

    Katie Holmes

    For me, Katie is the epitome of the all-American girl. She doesn’t attempt to be a fashion icon. However, she makes a significant announcement in the whole lot she wears. She rocks an informal seem higher than almost everybody else! Her fashion has indeed developed from awkward teen to Hollywood royalty.

    American Style Shops

    American Style in 5 Steps

    Keep it classic.

    Go for accessible portions, however, make them your own. We have two exquisite posts right here and right here on carrying a comfortable, simple white tee in surprising ways. Simple portions do no longer have to be boring!

    Invest in critical pieces.

    I wrote a piece on the twenty present-day classics every female must very own (part one and phase two), and I suppose these portions are quintessential to having an easy-to-navigate cloth wardrobe for any occasion.

    These portions are the ones you can without problems combine and suit to create something new and fun, except having to shop continuously. This simplicity is genuinely a large component of American fashion.

    Don’t comply with every trend.

    One factor I love about American fashion is that all and sundry appears to be so comfy in their very own style – they comprehend precisely what fits them and how to put on it well.

    To me, American fashion is all about discovering out what suits you and searching desirable in it, as an alternative of always being swayed via the catwalks. Of course, scan with trends, however, remains real to your self and your Style.

    Think simple, laid back, and cute.

    Americans get a lot of flack from Europeans about their fashion being “boring,” however, I love its blissful and straightforward simplicity. It’s extra about fashion than trend right here in the US. In America, it’s no longer so a great deal about what you wear, it’s about the way you put on it.

    Think (and shop) backyard of the box.

    The neighbourhood mall right here in Minnesota is an uninspiring array of preppy and plaid, so I love to see ladies on campus who costume backyard of this. One of the first posts I ever examine right here at College Fashion used to be this one, and I additionally suppose this one is fab for discovering your very own Style.

    I have found it’s convenient to save in the exact locations as anyone else. However, I have additionally determined there are high-quality gadgets accessible online in shops you would possibly now not have close by (for instance, Forever 21). So if you locate all the shops close by are too “American” in StyleStyle, strive new places!!

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