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    Celebrity Breastfeeding Quotes and Slogans

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    Breastfeeding is healthy and must and here is the collection of celebrity breastfeeding quotes which also share this beautiful thought. Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week 2022 with moms or moms to be around you with inspiring breastfeeding slogans and encouraging breastfeeding quotes.

    Shared below is a collection of newest breastfeeding slogans, breastfeeding quotes, breastfeeding sayings, breastfeeding one-liners and World Breastfeeding Week Messages. Most motivating Breastfeeding Day slogans and motherhood breastfeeding quotes that make a worthy share on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram.

    Breastfeeding Day Slogans in English

    “Breastfeed them today to give them a healthier and happier tomorrow.”

    It is the duty of every mother to breastfeed her baby.”

    “Every child has his birthright on his mother’s feed.”

    “Mother’s milk is for free but supplies nutrients that no other milk can.”

    “It is natural to breastfeed and therefore, all moms should breastfeed their babies.”

    Funny Breastfeeding Slogans

    “The best thing about breast milk is that the baby doesn’t need to share it with anyone.”

    “Try breastfeeding not just to feed your baby but also to lose on some weight.”

    “If a research says that breastfeeding is ant-ageing, every mom will go for it.”

    “There is nothing more important than health of a baby for a mom and so breastfeeding is not a choice.”

    “Give your child a healthier life by breastfeeding him when it is needed.”

    Inspirational Breastfeeding Quotes

    “It is not a choice to breastfeed because the health of your baby is not a choice.”

    “It is time to go back to our roots, go back to breastfeeding.”

    There is nothing as rich, as healthy as mother’s milk and every baby is entitled for it.”

    “It is strange to know that breastfeeding is not cool.”

    “Right in temperature, best in nutrients, nothing beats breast milk.”

    Breastfeeding Encouragement Quotes

    “Breast milk is the nature’s way to gift immunity.”

    “Breast milk is the healthiest formula to give your baby.”

    “Given a choice each and every baby prefers breast milk because that is what is the healthiest.”

    “If you don’t breastfeed your baby today, be prepared for the consequences tomorrow.”

    “Don’t be a lazy mom, breastfeed your baby each day, each meal.”

    Breastfeeding One-liners

    “It is a woman’s superpower to breastfeed her baby.”

    “You can feed your baby anytime, anywhere if you are breastfeeding your baby.”

    “Even babies are quite choosy as they always pick breast milk.”

    “Breastfeeding is meals all the time on heels.”

    “There is nothing right or wrong about breastfeeding.”

    Breastfeeding Slogans in Hindi

    “Breastfeeding har bachche ka haq hai.”

    “Har maa ki zimmedari hai ki wo apne bachche ko breastfeed kare.”

    “Maa ke dudh par sirf aur sirf uske bachche ka adhikar hai.”

    “Jin bachchon ko unki maa ka dhoodh naseeb hota hai wo hamesha swasth rehte hain.”

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