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    Choosing the Right Aircraft for Your LA Charter – A Complete Guide

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    Los Angeles, also called “City of Angels,” is one of the most popular tourist destinations to visit by private jet charter. It is a vibrant and beautiful city in California renowned for its iconic landmarks, pristine beaches, pleasant climate, thriving entertainment industry, vibrant nightlife, and cutlery delights. For people who prefer luxury, exclusivity, convenience, and comfort, booking a private jet charter is the best way to reach this vibrant city. Today, private jet charters are the epitome of opulence and comfort that can transform a simple air journey into an incomparable experience to be remembered for a lifetime. From the lavish comfort of exclusive accommodations to the five-star amenities and services, the standard of a private jet is indeed unmatchable. However, there is an array of private aircraft that you can book for your Los Angeles Trip according to your needs and preferences. In this blog, we will shed light on Choosing the Right Aircraft for Your LA Charter and travel in complete luxury and style. 

    Different Types of Private Jet Aircrafts

    There are different types and sizes of aircraft charter Los Angeles that you can book as per your needs, preferences, and budget. Have a look at the breakdown of the main types to decide which one suits your needs:

    Very Light Jets

    Very Light jets are the shortest private jets that are compact in size and are ideal for short trips with less people. They offer a range of 1500 nautical miles and have a passenger capacity of four to six people. Their baggage capacity is 50 – 70 cu. ft and they offer various features like executive seating, a fully enclosed lavatory, a small forward gallery, etc.

    Light Jets

    Light jets are ideal for short – mid-range trips as they offer up to 2500 nautical miles. Its passenger capacity is six to eight people, while its baggage capacity is 40 – 85 cu. ft. They are the best option for smaller groups seeking a balance of speed, comfort, and cost efficiency while enjoying high-end luxury. 

    Midsize Jets

    Midsize private jets are a perfect balance of good range, high comfort, and increased passenger capacity. They can cover a distance of around 3000 nautical miles while accommodating seven to ten people at a time. Their baggage capacity is 65 – 120 cu. ft, and they offer amenities like luxury beds, enclosed washrooms, gourmet dining, a fully enclosed lavatory, etc. 

    Super Midsize Jets

    Super Midsize jets are a perfect blend of high-end luxury and increased range, ideal for longer transcontinental journeys and larger groups. They cover a distance of 4000 nautical miles while accommodating nine to twelve passengers at a time. Their baggage capacity is 100 – 140 cu. ft, and it provides luxurious amenities, an advanced entertainment system, versatile cabins, etc. 

    Heavy Jets

    Heavy Private jets are the epitome of the VIP experience, with unparalleled services, fine dining, and exquisite amenities. They can cover intercontinental distances of up to 7,000 nautical miles and have a passenger capacity of twelve to eighteen people, while baggage capacity of 140 – 175 cu. ft. Its luxury amenities include multiple executive workstations, sleeping quarters, an enhanced lavatory with a shower, etc. 

    Factors to consider while selecting the Right Aircraft for Your LA Charter

    Choosing the right aircraft requires a strategic approach and the right evaluation of your purpose, needs, and preferences. There are several factors to consider while selecting the right aircraft for your Los Angeles charter:


    Establish a fixed budget for your charter flight in order to choose the right aircraft as per your needs and preferences. While fixing the budget, consider the expenses like total journey cost, landing fees, catering, ground transportation, fuel costs, etc. Having a fixed budget can narrow down your options and make your journey budget friendly. Short-size aircraft are less costly compared to heavy jets; therefore, consider everything while making the budget. 

    Distance and Range 

    The Distance of your journey and the range of the aircraft play an important role in deciding the right aircraft. Firstly, consider the distance to Los Angeles from your base destination that you are going to cover by plane, whether your journey is a short excursion or an intercontinental journey. Then, check the range of various aircraft that fit within your budget and choose the one that offers a range that aligns with your journey distance. Choose long-range jets for long distances like transcontinental journeys whereas light jets for traveling to nearby or local countries. 

    Number of Passengers

    There are various types of private aircraft, and each one has a different passenger capacity. The light jet can carry 6-8 people, while a heavy jet can carry 12 – 18 people. Therefore, consider the number of passengers while selecting the right aircraft, and based on that, select the aircraft size and travel comfortably.

    In Flight Amenities

    Luxury and Exclusivity are the main motives for traveling in a private jet; therefore, considering the in-flight amenities you desire is crucial. Check Wi-Fi connectivity, sleeping quarters and comfortable seating, in-flight entertainment systems, catering options, bathroom facilities, spacious cabins, etc., to select the right aircraft to match your expectations. 

    Catering Services

    Although catering options generally depend on the type and size of aircraft you choose, you need to consider which type of catering service you require during your air journey. Whether you seek light snacks and basic beverages, customized menus and gourmet cuisines, full-service bars, onboard chef services, pre-packed options, special dietary choices, high-class alcoholic drinks, or anything else.

    Safety and Reliability

    Safety is undoubtedly the most important concern for any traveler. Therefore, choose a well-maintained aircraft that is technically fine and does not have any potential issues that can become serious problems at later times. To check the safety and reliability, research the safety record of the charter company as well as the aircraft you choose. This allows you to know where the charter company stands in terms of safety and security.

    Luggage Capacity 

    Check your baggage and the aircraft’s baggage capacity to ensure that you get sufficient storage space for your luggage. There are different luggage capacities for different sizes of aircraft: the light ones offer less, while heavy jets offer more luggage capacity. 


    Choosing the right aircraft helps you get the best experience on your private jet charter trip. From the glitz and glamor of Hollywood to the nightlife and entertainment of the world’s renowned nightclubs, from the stunning sun-soaked beaches to the diverse cultural landmarks, Los Angeles has something to cater to every taste. So, what are you waiting for? Book the Right Aircraft for your private air travel and get an experience to cherish forever.

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