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Choosing the Right Draw Runners for your Project


For any new buyer choosing the right draw, runner can be a real challenge. There’s a wide variety of draw runners out there, and each of them can offer different features. Making the right selection is very important, not only to ensure a proper fit but also a sound installation that does not pose a safety hazard. So let’s look now at essential factors that must be considered when selecting a draw runner.

Check Measurements and Weight

Selecting the right draw runners, like those available from RS Components, requires first getting the exact measurements of the installation area. Furthermore, not only must the measurements be in-hand, but also a clear estimate surrounding the weight a draw will bare. Of course items in the draw may change over time, but a weighting should be taken when the draw is full instead of empty. That will help guarantee a suitable draw runner is chosen with a load rating that matches the draw’s weight when it’s full.

Establish the Ideal Extension

Every draw runner will be able to open and close. Each of them will also close fully. But when it comes to what length draw runners open, there can be a real variety in the range. When it comes to exact measurements, commonly draw runner extensions will have a length of between 25cm to 71cm. Some can be setup to open all the way out, or only three quarters of the way out, or another extension length. Alongside ensuring an extension will allow for sufficient access to the draw’s contents, it’s also wise to double-check a draw’s intended extension length won’t see it open out and collide with other furniture or surrounding objects. If so, the intended length must be revised.

Decide if Motion Features Are Desirable

Motion features can be ideal for any installation that requires seamless use of the draws. The push-to-open motion feature is very popular for installations where access to the draws will be necessary multiple times a day. Other popular options for draw runners with motion features are self-closing draws and those that will self-close with a soft-close motion. This motion will see a drawing slide back into its cabinet quietly without distributing anyone within earshot.

Is Colour Key?

Drawer runners can be installed that look to match the colour of the cabinet and surrounding decor. Sometimes this may be an important factor for certain installations. In reality, though, withdraw runners most commonly available in silver and black – colours that can match well with essentially every other colour – it’s rare that colour will be a key factor when choosing the right draw runners. Especially as draw runners won’t be visible while the draw isn’t open.

Drawing up a Plan

Finding the right draw runner can seem very hard at the beginning. The wide range out there is fantastic when it comes to finding a selection that perfectly matches an installation, but could also appear a bit confronting at the start. But by following these steps it’s easy to make a good selection that can result in a successful installation.

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