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    God of War Ragnarok guide

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    Our God of War Ragnarok guide will help you learn about all the major aspects of Kratos and Atreus’ latest Norse adventure, from tips and how long the game takes to beat, to solving puzzles and getting the best armor. God of War Ragnarok is a huge game with lots to do outside of the main story. We’ve put plenty of hours into the game, and have even completed everything the game has to offer, so we’re well equipped to share our knowledge on combat help, collectibles such as Ravens, treasure maps, and more. Whatever you want to know about, we should have something to help you out, so use the links below to navigate through to our full God of War Ragnarok guides.


    If you’re still on the fence about getting the game, check out our God of War Ragnarok review to see what we thought. It’s a totally spoiler free breakdown where we say, “for the most part this is exceptional”, so it’s probably good. Although read the rest of what we had to say for the finer points. 


    These God of War Ragnarok tips are the best way to get started on your adventures. It’s a broad overview of useful things to know, from crucial beginners pointers and things you might miss, through to core combat stuff, gear pointers to max your stats and plenty more. These tips will help you master a lot of Ragnarok, fast. 

    How long is it? 

    If you were wondering how long is God of War Ragnarok? Then we have all the info here. Depending on if you’re going to drill through the story, play an average amount of side stuff, or 100% everything, there are different answers. So here we break down playstyle options and how that affects that Ragnarok playtime.

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    Graphics modes

    There are quite a few God of War Ragnarok graphics modes to choose from, depending on your available hardware. Whether you prefer smooth performance with high frame rates or crisp 4K resolution, we’ve got all the details in our guide on what each graphics mode is.

    Nornir Chests

    God of War Ragnarok rune chests, or Nornir chests are a vital part of upgrading your health and rage meters by getting the Idunn Apples and Horns of Blood Mead inside. But you’ll have to find them, and open them to do that. To help you with that we’ve got every single Nornir chest location and the solution to open them here.  


    There are some changes to the God of War Ragnarok ravens this time around. You still have to find and kill all of them, but there’s more point this time with a range of chests to open in Niflheim that earn you armor and gear. We’ve got every raven location here to help you find them all more or less painlessly.

    The water puzzles

    The God of War Ragnarok geyser water wheel puzzle isn’t hard but it is one of the first things you encounter in the game where you’re left to work things out for yourself. There’s a few new mechanics to understand all at once in a couple of early Svartalfheim locations, and if you’re having trouble, we can help you out. 

    Svartalfheim mines puzzles

    Svartalfheim is the first realm outside of Midgard that you’ll visit in the first couple of hours of the game. It’s got a mix of linear and open regions, with plenty of opportunities to explore, but the God of War Ragnarok mine puzzles in the Jarnsmida Pitmines and The Applecore can really slow your progress through the realm. However, we’ve got the help you might right here in this guide.

    How to get to Muspelheim

    Muspelheim is the only realm in the game that you have to travel to on your own as the rest all appear in key story moments. Getting to the realm of fire requires you to collect two God of War Ragnarok Muspelheim Seed halves, both found in Svartalfheim. For their exact locations, use our guide.

    Get inside the Lost Treasury

    You’ll find the God of War Ragnarok Lost Treasury location in Midgard’s Lake of Nine, but you won’t be able to get inside unless you begin a Favor side quest, collect the halves of a vault key, and solve a rather involved puzzle. Begin the Sigrun’s Curse Favor and then use this guide to get inside the Lost Treasury and bag some loot.

    The Crucible combat trials

    For some of the toughest challenges in the game, head to the Crucible to take on the God of War Ragnarok Muspelheim challenges. These combat trials are a test of your skills and will help you truly master combat, but you’ll also need to complete many of the trials if you want to fully upgrade all your gear.

    Best armor

    The best God of War Ragnarok armor is a simpler question to answer this time as a lot of the systems have been simplified. In this sequel, armor sets have very clear abilities that suit certain playstyles, making it easier to pick an early game set, or one for defence, or a ‘best’ overall and so on. Here we run through our top picks for God of War Ragnarok armor sets to help you find and wear the best gear. 

    Berserker Gravestones and armor

    We reckon the best armor in the game is the God of War Ragnarok Berserker armor, but you can only get it by defeating some of the ghostly warriors at their Berserker Gravestones. Only three of the 10 Berserker Gravestones need to be completed to get the full armor set, but you’ll definitely want to defeat all 10 to get the incredible Hilt of Skofnung Relic too.

    The Mystical Heirloom Relic

    When you find the God of War Ragnarok Mystical Heirloom the description tells you it doesn’t seem to do anything. Which, obviously, means it’s really important in some strange and obscure way. The secret is to find statues hidden around the realms that you can wake up by using it. Here we cover where they are, how it all works and, most importantly, what you get for doing it all.

    Lunda’s armor

    Some of the best mid-game armor you can get is the God of War Ragnarok Lunda armor set, but you’ll need to find the armor scraps first. You’ll find all the details on where to find the three armor scraps and how to eventually craft the Lunda armor set with this guide.

    Draugr Holes

    Battle the God of War Ragnarok The Hateful boss at the six Draugr Holes found across the realms. Emerge victorious against The Hateful at all six Draugr Holes and you’ll get some exclusive rewards, including a Chaos Flame.

    Shattered Runes

    You might have found a fair few God of War Ragnarok Shattered Runes on your travels. They’re not massively common but you can find them out in the world and might be wondering what they’re for exactly. They only have one purpose and that’s to be converted into money for Kratos to use.

    Treasure maps

    Also returning for the sequel are the God of War Ragnarok treasure maps. These mini loot rewards see you find a map that illustrates a location – find it and the treasure is yours. That’s easier said than done of course, when the drawings you have to track can be a little vague. One will even have you travelling the realms to track down a prize. 

    Special equipment

    There’s a lot of God of War special equipment you’ll find out about as you explore. Every time you encounter a route you can’t take, or something you can’t use yet someone will mention you probably need some ‘special equipment’. To help explain what that is and where you’ll eventually get it, we’ve got it all covered here. 


    The God of War Ragnarok cast features a stellar line up of talent with some incredible actors playing famous gods like Thor, Odin and more. And, of course, there’s the returning cast still giving out some impressive performances. If you want to know who’s who, or check if that voice is who you think it is, we have that all here. Spoilers, the one you think might be Josh Brolin, isn’t. 


    Obviously HUGE SPOILERS here so don’t look at our God of War Ragnarok ending unless you want to know what happens and how the story concludes. We’re saying nothing here about any of that, but if you want the full picture and to know if you missed anything, here’s where to go when you’re done.  

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