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How to add captions and foreign language subtitles to your YouTube videos automatically!


YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms, and is the second most popular search engine after Google. Creating videos for YouTube has become a crucial digital marketing option for businesses, and a professional occupation for creative individuals. The performance of the content on YouTube is judged by the number of views on a video and subscribers on a channel. Video creators and vloggers go to extreme ends to regularly generate fresh and informative content that drives traffic to their channels.

The main focus of creating video content is to make it interesting and engaging for viewers. Adding closed captions to YouTube videos is a great way of getting more views on your video content! It makes your content more easily available for a variety of viewers and you can use it strategically to reach out to viewers who don’t speak your native language.

Captions and subtitles are also helpful for those who may watch videos in public places. Captions in YouTube videos make it easy to comprehend and increase the reach of your content. It is a great tactic for increasing your video views as people can view them irrespective of the language they speak or the place they are in.

Benefits of adding subtitles to YouTube videos

Adding subtitles to YouTube videos can help you in many ways, including increasing organic views of your videos and increasing audience reach. Caption your videos to get the following benefits:

1. Improve SEO: YouTube is the second most popular search engine and adding captions makes them searchable. It adds text to your videos and allows you to target specific keywords and improve your search engine ranking. Indexing your videos in multiple languages helps it rank high on YouTube and Google, thus driving more traffic to your website.

2. Reach out to a wider audience: You can make your content available for a wider audience by using closed captions on YouTube. Hearing impared people can more easily understand your video through captions. You can also make captions available for people from different parts of the world using the multi-lingual captions option.

3. Ease of accessibility: Captions allow viewers to watch videos on mute when in public places. They will also be able to watch your videos without audio for when headphones are unavailable. This increases the number of views on your content even when your viewers are on the move.

4. Better comprehension: Subtitles in videos help viewers understand the content accurately. If you don’t add subtitles to your videos, your viewers may choose to find a similar video that has captions readily available.

Add Closed Captions Automatically with Maestra

Maestra is a cloud-based application with a built-in AI editor that helps you automatically transcribe, voiceover, and add captions to your videos. You can use Maestra to add subtitles to your video and audio files to over 50 languages with automatic subtitle translations.

Maestra comprises an automatic subtitle generator build to help you reach everyone, everywhere. The subtitle generator is easy to use, and allows you to deliver an exceptional user experience to your audience.

Here’s how you can automatically add closed captions and subtitles to YouTube videos and translate them to 50+ foreign languages automatically:

1. First Sign up for Maestra. Maestra comes with a free 30 minute trial, with no credit card required.

2. Create a new caption by clicking “+ New Subtitle”

3. Upload your audio or video file in any format and select the language and number of speakers.

5. Review the generated captions and edit the mistakes, if any.

6. Translate your captions automatically to 50+ languages by clicking  “+ New Language”

7. Export the captions in your preferred format.

Features and Benefits of Maestra

Maestra helps you quickly add subtitles and translate your videos in multiple languages. The best features of Maestra are:

 1. Embed videos automatically to your website: Maestra Embed Player helps you to subtitle your videos and embed them on your website. You can avoid uploading video files of large sizes that may otherwise decrease the loading speed of your website.

 2. Multi-language support: Maestra allows you to add captions to your videos and also translate them into around 50 languages, making them available for audiences across the globe.

3. Edit timestamps: You can review and edit the automatically generated subtitles and also edit the video timestamps easily. The app allows you to drag and slide text boxes to the right time frame.

 4. Easily edit subtitles: Maestra offers a subtitle generator with an AI-based editor. The editor allows you to choose sentence length, delete words, merge brief sentences, and create new ones. It also automatically synchronizes your audio transcript.

 5. Export in preferred formats: Maestra editor allows you to export the generated subtitles in your preferred format including .txt, .srt, .vtt, and .pdf.


Get your YouTube channel viewers from all over the world by adding subtitles to your videos. Maestra’s automatic subtitle generator helps you add captions to your YouTube videos quickly and correctly. It takes care of generating captions in various languages in the minimal time while you focus on creating more content. This excellent tool is a must-try for youtubers, vloggers, and content creators!

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