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    How to Mitigate Cybersecurity Breaches With the UAE VPN

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    United Arab Emirates (UAE) is well known for its tourist attractions; the country has built tourism to the world’s best standards. Almost everybody wants to visit the country for its tourism prowess. 

    The way people throng UAE makes it a center of attraction for cybercriminals and possible cybersecurity breaches. The hacking of Forever 21 on March 2023, affecting over 500,000 users, is a pointer that cybersecurity has become a crucial issue to the survival of the tourism industry in the UAE.

    The uncovering of a data breach by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), where threat actors obtained a database holding a list of portal users, is a red flag of the dangers hackers portend to tourists who visit the United Arab Emirates. There is a need to implement cybersecurity measures such as the UAE VPN to mitigate cyber breaches and attacks on the UAE tourism industry.

    Why do you need a UAE VPN as a tourist or resident in the United Arab Emirates?

    The UAE VPN is a dedicated VPN for residents and people who visit the country for tourism; it works like any other virtual private network to enhance users’ privacy, security, and protection. Apart from ensuring your privacy and security, other benefits you derive from form the UAE VPN include:

    1. Bypassing geographical location restrictions

    Contrary to what you have in most European countries, the UAE has strict restrictions on the type of content you can access; the country’s regulatory body censors several websites due to the government’s strict censorship and regulatory policies. The government often blocks sites promoting adult content, LGBTQ, gambling, and political discourse. 

    The dispute with Qatar led to the blocking of several Qatari media sites. In addition to censored content, there are restrictions on many Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) apps; you can only put call services such as WhatsApp and Skype or any similar service through fixed lines or a Wi-Fi connection. 

    The UAE VPN will help you bypass all these restrictions and censorship from government regulatory agencies.

    2. Masking IP address

    The UAE government can track your online activities through your IP address; your internet service provider that assigns the IP address can furnish it to the regulatory bodies. Apart from the regulatory bodies, a hacker who accesses your IP address can also trace your browsing history and any other sensitive information for financial gains.

    If you run a business in the UAE, your reputation can be at stake if hackers access the information of your employees and customers. The UAE VPN will assign a new IP address to you from their servers anywhere in the world; a regulatory body or hacker that tries to track your online activities will end up at any server where your new IP address originates.

    The masking of your IP address makes you anonymous; nobody can determine who you are and where you are browsing.

    3. Encrypting your logs

    The UAE VPN enables the encryption of your logs; regulatory agencies in the United Arab Emirates and hackers who accidentally access your data will discover it’s an effort in futility; what they have will be gibberish, worthless, and useless. Only your computer and the UAE VPN have the key to decipher the encryption.  

    The UAE VPN encrypts your logs through a secure tunnel; the tunneling ensures the encryption connection between your device and the internet through a virtual private network. The UAE VPN tunnel encrypts your logs and routes them to a remote UAE VPN server. 

    After that, the decryption of your data takes place, with its delivery to your intended destination.

    4. Multifactor authentication

    Virtually everybody who operates online knows the importance of strong passwords; unfortunately, strong passwords are not enough to ward away hackers now. Hackers deploy brute-force attacks to crack passwords; brute-forcing, such as credential stuffing, dictionary attacks, and reverse brute-force attacks, break weak passwords in minutes or seconds, while a strong password can take hours or days.

    Since cracking your strong password is attainable, why don’t you fortify your network with better alternatives?  With the UAE VPN, it’s almost impossible for anybody to access your network;  the VPN will demand more than one way of logging in. Hackers or regulatory bodies that want to access your network must provide other means of identification, such as biometric data, like an eye scan, facial recognition, or fingerprint.

    Biometric identifications are specific to individuals and difficult to fake; if you back up your strong password with biometric identification, the UAE VPN will always ask for verification from anyone who wants to access your network.


    The UAE VPN enables a kill switch and no DNS leaks, with strong privacy and anonymity as well; the features ensure that you don’t experience compromise of data and other documents if your network suddenly goes down; anonymity, encryption of logs, masking IP address, and bypassing geo-location restrictions are vital for you to run your business in the UAE. As a tourist, you must have fun while visiting the country; censorship from regulatory bodies will make your visit uneventful after all the money you spend.

    The UAE VPN is the magic wand to leave your life the way you want in the United Arab Emirates.   

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