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How to Sleep With a Crick in Your Neck – (Spoiler: It’s Easy)


It is difficult to sleep with a cricked neck, which results in massive pain in every single movement.

The problem is usually caused by inappropriate posture and prolonged works on computers or desks.

Nonetheless, there are several Dos, Don’ts and the practical remedies to make yourself sleep with a crick in your neck & that’s exactly what we’re going to learn in this post, how to sleep with a crick in your neck.

How to Sleep With a Crick in Your Neck?

As said, the wrong posture, as well as the improper position of sleep, could be the possible cause of neck crickness.

You can follow the points mentioned below to fix your discomfort neck soon.

Stretch your neck before sleeping:

Before you move to the bed, stretch your neck to reduce the stiffness from its muscles.

The followings are the productive neck stretches to relieve the pain.

Up, down the stretch:

  • Lower your neck until you don’t feel slight pain.
  • Take it back on the neutral position.
  • Raise it above for a while.
  • Perform every action snugly without causing much pain.
  • Loop this exercise for 1- 2 minutes.

Left, right stretch:

  • Keep your neck straight/ front position.
  • While breathing, rotate the neck on the left of your shoulder
  • Release the breath slowly and return to the previous/front position
  • Like before, turn the neck to the left of you should with breathing.
  • Perform this activity at any part of the day, especially before sleep.

Tile the neck:

  • Tilt ear to shoulder until the stretch is felt in both sides of the neck.
  • Start with any of side and take the neck back smoothly after the feeling of stretch.
  • Perform this exercise every day for 2 – 3 minutes until the complete relief.

Adjust the pillow according to your sleeping style:

You might be using the pillow with improper structure, which has caused severe stiffness to the neck muscles.

So, follow the below-mentioned tips to correct and change the way you were using the pillow.

For back sleepers:

The back sleepers are recommended to use thin pillows for the sleep. Further, it helps to maintain the neck position like it is when you stand straight. More specifically, it will help to keep the curve of your neck stable at the time of sleep.

For side sleepers:

Side sleepers are, in other words, those who keep their position on either left or the right side in the bed. Such requires a thick pillow to maintain a good posture in the sleep.

A key thing to remember, check the height and width of your shoulders before purchasing a thick pillow. That is because of the shape and dimension of the pillow matters for the side sleepers for the healthy and painless sleep.

For stomach sleepers:

First of all, it’s not recommended to sleep by your stomach because it results in more discomfort to the neck. However, if it is your desired position, you should use a very slim pillow to reduce the crickness in your neck.

Check the mattress’s health:

If your bed keeps ditches in its mattress, you should fix or replace it as soon as possible. All because the broken and imbalanced areas of the bed can affect the neck and spinal cord and may cause severe injuries in the back.

Ideally, it is recommended not to use hard and neither very soft mattress. Purchase one that is contour to body shape.

Put the pillow properly:

Also, it is crucial to put the pillow in the ideal position, no matter what position you are sleeping. Always make sure to keep the neck touched with the pillow to provide a balanced and comfort output to the neck.

More importantly, your entire body position must be balanced from head to toe. Otherwise, miss balancing of the head with the rest of the body will cause strain to the spinal cord, which can soon give you discomfort in the other parts of the body.

Don’t use high and stiff pillows neither very soft nor lowered; all you need one that straightens your complete body without causing miss balances.

We recommend you purchasing the contour pillow which is fine enough to provide a better rest to your neck.

Sleep with an ideal posture:

You might have adapted the improper posture which has caused a crick in your neck. More specifically, a human body structure needs a proper sitting, sleeping, and other posture maintained to let them work painlessly.

Sit straight on the chair, don’t bend your neck and neither raise it very high. Furthermore, keep it in the standard front position. Importantly, always remember maintaining the right posture while watching TV or working at the computers.

Also, keep an accurate position while standing. More specifically, straighten your shoulders and keep the neck in the front/ straight/ neutral position.

As shown in the image, put an additional pillow under your knee to maintain your neck with the rest of the lower body at the time of sleep.

Thus, be notified of keeping an ideal posture at every part of the day.


Sleeping with a cricked neck may lead you to the severe injuries in the muscles if it’s not fixed. Moreover, you can suffer from extreme pain that may be alarming in the future. So, maintain the right posture at every time and keep your neck in movements to avoid the stiffness. Also, never forget the quick and homemade remedies which are a smart way to kill the crick in your neck.

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