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    How to Transform Your House Using Good Lighting

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    How to Transform Your House Using Good Lighting

    Lighting is a crucial element of interior design schemes. It has the potential to transform the entire system. It brings out the best of all the other features of a room. It influences the ambiance of a place. Without proper lighting fixtures, all other features of an interior scheme would lose its impact. 

    The rest of the elements of interior design may be beautiful and well-thought-out. Good lighting, like make-up, brings out the best of the features and makes everything look more attractive. A well-lit abode brings peace to your mind. 

    You must pay attention to the illumination plan of your house. Lighting is also used to make a place look smaller or bigger. Light is very versatile. Do keep in mind lighting regulations as well. Use lighting sources in combination with each other for maximum visual impact. 

    We list below some ways in which you can play with lighting to transform your house. 

    Captivating Ceiling fixtures:

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    Ceiling fixtures are an easy way to dress-up a room. These can portray magnificence or simplicity with ease. Ceiling fixtures draw attention upwards with their beauty. It gives an illusion of height and opens up your space. 

    Ceiling lighting fixtures look enchanting. The gleam of its light spreads across the surrounding, brightening and soothing at the same time. A magnificent ceiling fixture can act as the focal point in a room. It can be a showpiece in the form of an elegant led chandelier or think of pendant lights, glass, and crystal. Ceiling fixtures can add glamour to a room. Consider your requirements and use it accordingly. 

    Beautiful lampshades:

    Lampshades have been in use from times immemorial. They have just evolved. While earlier they were fancy and over-the-top, now they are available in unconventional designs. It adds plenty of options for you to customize your lighting. Lampshades affect the quality of light. An important point you must keep in mind while selecting lampshades is the amount of light you require for a room. Lighter or mesh lampshades provide more light. Darker lampshades obscure the light. 

    Incandescent light:

    Blue lighting affects the production of melatonin. It interferes with the ability to fall asleep. Therefore, look for incandescent lighting for your bedroom.  The soft, yellow light will relax you and help you sleep better. It can transform your bedroom to your cosy haven. 

    Task lighting Fixtuers:

    Task lighting includes the fixtures that provide you light precisely where it is needed. You can ensure that you have adequate lighting for particular tasks. For example, reading light on your study desk. Lights under the cabinet over the kitchen counter also fall in this category. This type of lighting helps you perform your tasks efficiently and effectively. It provides sufficient visibility. It is especially important for certain kinds of functions. Evaluate the kind of activity due to take place in a room. Light up the specific areas for the events with appropriate lighting. Task lighting need not be dull. You can add appeal with adequate task lighting. 

    Tall floor lamps:

    Floor lamps have a significant impact on the appearance of your room. Although these are easily movable, these stay put in a corner and perform their function effectively. Tall floor lamps dispel light from the edge to other parts. These can make the eyes travel upwards. Thus, they can add the illusion of height to a room. These light up dark corners effectively. You can use these to draw attention to areas that would otherwise remain neglected. Tall floor lamps make a room look taller and appear to raise the ceiling. 

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    Wall-mounted fixtures:

    Wall-mounted fixtures are effective when you are low on space. You can brighten up the room with these. You can also add the illusion of space with proper placement of the fixtures. Wall-mounted fixtures are available in alluring designs. These are excellent as bedside lighting. Wall-mounted fixtures can be strictly functional. You can also use these as accent lighting. Sconces are a great way to add light and interest to a room. You can make a room look almost mythical using sconces of traditional design. Modern types of sconces can make a room look sleek and chic. 


    The importance of dimmers is underrated. These can transform the ambiance of a room within seconds. These offer flexibility and control. You can regulate the light intensity with these. These can turn a room from a high-functioning productive place to a romantic or intimate setting immediately. Consider using 3-way bulbs or bulbs with high or low switches. 


    Light fixtures can add balance to a room. Symmetry adds to the beauty of a place. Light is a simple and easy way to attain equality. You can use matching light fixtures. Coordinate and balance using lighting sources. It will add an effect pleasing even the perfectionist. Symmetry using lighting fixtures ensures even distribution of attention. It creates a more comforting and pleasing look. 

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    Light channeled downwards:

    Fixtures that channel light downwards also have an important role to play. These can make a room look cosy. When used correctly, they make a place look inviting and welcoming. You can also play with this type of lighting to achieve a spotlight effect. A beautiful sculpture placed under a downward-facing lighting fixture gets highlighted. It draws the attention it deserves. It can create a focal point. It can captivate and mesmerize. Use such a lighting fixture in a place it can create maximum visual impact. 

    Form and Function:

    Most people perceive lighting only in relation to their function. Use lighting in varied forms to tie it in with the rest of the theme and décor. Lighting fixtures must make a room look fabulous while lighting the room sufficiently. Balance form and function. You can play with proportion to draw interest. Introduce some texture with lighting. Lighting fixtures should carry a finish that blends well with the rest of the theme. 

    Lighting fulfills such an important function, yet offers immense flexibility. While selecting lighting fixtures, you will consider its brightening function when it is lit. However, you also need to consider how the fixture looks when it is not lit. This is important because lighting fixtures spend half their time being unlit. 

    Armed with these important lighting tips and tricks, transform your home the way you wish to. Light up your dream house. Create a look that is reflective of your personality. Allow your house the privilege of luminescence. Good lighting will ensure your best moments and memories are bright. Let your house glow. 

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