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    How to use Valheim Eitr and unlock magic

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    Valheim Eitr magic is an all new abilities that let you craft magical weapons and inflict damage a new magic stat. Like everything else in Valheim, however, it’s a long and dangerous series of steps to access it in the Valheim Mistlands update. 

    Once you’re in the new biome you’ll need to extract Sap, build an Eitr Refinery, craft Eitr weapons at a Galdr Table, and consume Eitr foods. That’s a lot of stuff so this  Valheim Eitr guide will explain all those steps in more detail.

    What is Valheim Eitr 

    Valheim Eitr refers to two different things: your basic Eitr stat, which is unlock by eating foods that contain Eitr. That gives you a new purple Eitr bar that works similar to mana; upon using magic, the Eitr bar will deplete.

    Then there’s a resource called Refined Eitr. This is a resource used to make Eitr-related crafting stations and create new weapons and armour, including magical ones.

    The first step is to find blue, glowing Magecap mushrooms in the Mistlands (you can see one in the picture). Eating these will give you an Eitr bar of 25, while using a Magecap at a Cooking Station upgraded to level 5 will let you to create the following dishes for bigger Eitr boosts: 

    • Stuffed Mushroom: grants 75 Eitr
    • Yggdrasil Porridge: grants 80 Eitr
    • Seeker Aspic x2: grants 85 Eitr
    • Minor Eitr Mead: although it doesn’t grant you an Eitr stat, a single bottle replenishes 125 Eitr over time.

     How to get refined Eitr step one, the Sap Extractor 

    Eitr basically powers Eitr weapons. To get those you’ll need Refined Eitr made from Yggdrasil Sap, which you’ll get from Yggdrasil Wood dropped by every small Yggdrasil tree.

    Next, find a Dvergr Extractor in one of the Dvergr settlements. It’s usually hidden in crates (see the one in the picture above). Once you’ve got both resources, you will unlock the following crafting recipe for the Sap Extractor:

    • Yggdrasil Wood x10
    • Black Metal x5
    • Dvergr Extractor x1
    • Workbench

    Equipped with these ingredients as well as a Hammer, you’ll need to find an Yggdrasil Root – look for the massive roots with the green, glowing veins. Once you get close, a message will pop up, informing you that “the ancient root is pulsating with energy”. Place the Workbench, then the Sap Extractor, and wait for a while. It takes one minute to get one Sap. 

    How to obtain Refined Eitr step two, the Eitr Refinery 

    Once you have Sap, you can build an Eitr Refinery. This will take some time, as you need to enter an Infested Mine, a Mistlands dungeon, to find Black Core. We can also show you where to get the Valheim Black Marble you need if you want some help there. 

    Here’s the full Eitr Refinery crafting recipe:

    • Black Marble x20
    • Black Metal x5
    • Yggdrasil Wood x10
    • Black Core x5
    • Sap x3
    • Workbench

    Once the Eitr Refinery is in place, add some Yggdrasil Sap and Soft Tissue (Dvergr drop) through the opening on top of the machine. The Eitr Refinery produces one Refined Eitr per 40 seconds.

    Refined Eitr can now be used to craft a Galdr Table, used to create magical weapons and Eitr Armour. You can also use Refined Eitr to craft a Carapace Armour Set and a variety of non-magical weapons at the Black Forge.

    Valheim Eitr weapons

    After building the Galdr Table, you’ll be able to craft your Eitr weapons. There are four options, each of them with a different magic effect: 

    • Staff of Protection: used to wield blood magic. Exchange HP for magical protection.
    • Dead Raiser: used to wield blood magic. Raises an undead minion to help you in battle. 
    • Staff of Frost: used to wield elemental (frost) magic.
    • Staff of Embers: used to wield elemental (fire) magic.

    Valheim Eitr armour 

    You can also use the Galdr crafting station to make the following Valheim mage armour:

    • Eitr-weave Hood: Eitr regeneration +20%
    • Eitr-weave Robe: Eitr regeneration +40%
    • Eitr-weave Trousers: Eitr regeneration +40%
    • Feather Cape: protects against fall damage and increases resistance against frost 

    And that’s it, enjoy your new life as a Valheim mage! If you’re after other new Mistlands stuff then check out Valheim chickens which you can now raise and breed. 

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