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    Kybella vs. Coolsculpting: Best Way to Remove Fat

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    No matter how well you take care of your body, there are always pockets of fat that persist and never respond to exercise or even diet. And it’s not a question of being overweight, because we’ve seen slender people struggle with some stubborn fat in some particular areas of their body. If you’re facing this challenge and considering a way to reduce fat in the problematic area, we have good news for you.

    In recent years, fat-reduction techniques, including those detailed in the CCS weight loss surgery cost guide, have risen in popularity, permanently eliminating stubborn fat cells. And, listen up, the available fat-blasting innovations are non-invasive, so if your fear of surgery has kept you postponing seeing your doctor, worry no more. Because, whether you choose Kybella or Coolsculpting treatments, they’re both non-surgical procedures that effectively get rid of the persistent fat. We urge you to follow closely, to learn more about these two procedures, to help you make an informed decision.

    Areas of Treatment

    To help you decide which treatment to chooseeither Kybella or Coolsculptingwe’ll look at what each does. Also, understand each treatment and the particular body areas they treat, hence discover which between the two best suits you. It’s an injection that dissolves the fat and is intended for the excess fat beneath your chin. It’s the only non-invasive treatment cleared by the FDA to eliminate the excess fat beneath your chin. But even so, there are other more unapproved treatment areas, such as stubborn fat in your arms, bra rolls, flanks (love handles), and knees. When Kybella treatment is administered to these areas, it proved to be effective. 

    Conversely, Coolsculpting treatment, also referred to as Cryolipolysis, it’s a technique that freezes fat-cells to kill and eliminate them permanently. Furthermore, FDA approved for fat reduction in body areas, including; upper arm, abdominal area, thighs, back, flanks, banana rolls, chin, and bra area.

    How Does Each Procedure Work?

    Kybella or Coolsculptingeach procedure works differently both in how they’re applied and fat removal techniques. Kybella works by injecting Deoxycholic acid naturally produced by our body directly into the fat cells beneath the chin. The injected substance is the synthetic form of Deoxycholic acid, which helps break down the fat cells. Your board-certified doctor begins by applying a topical numbing cream. Then the area is injected with tiny needles at several points to destroy the fat cells. Your body will then absorb the destroyed fat cells resulting in the reduction of the submental fullness. 

    On the other hand, the Coolsculpting procedure works using cold suction that freezes your fat cells to destroy them. This non-invasive technique works perfectly to eliminate those small pockets of stubborn fats. Once frozen, the fat cells become permanently damaged. And then, your body will naturally expel them through your metabolic process. You’re left with a slimmer and attractive appearance. Treatment will take about thirty minutes per area of the target, and you can utilize that time to read or watch a movie if you like.

    Number of Treatments Required

    Whether you undergo Kybella or Coolsculpting, it’s essential to know that one session will not be sufficient. Although the results largely depend on the amount of fat you want to eliminate, most patients receive three to four treatments for optimum results. It’s important to note that these procedures’ effects ultimately rely on your continued exercise and clean diet.

    Results for Both Procedures

    Your results for either Kybella or Coolsculpting procedures are noted in a matter of weeks. Both treatments offer positive results for stubborn fat, giving you self-assurance. For Kybella, patients require two to four weeks to see maximum results, while Coolsculpting takes four to five weeks, final results are realized in eight to twelve weeks. For both procedures, patients may need more sessions for the best results. here is the example of weight loss check Kelly Clarkson Weight.

    The initial results may take up to a month and final results about three months for both treatments. It’s important to note that neither of these two fat-removal procedures will treat the loose skin after fat removal.

    Difference Between the Two Procedures

    Compared to Coolsculpting, the Kybella technique’s injectability makes it possible to treat small target areas that are more isolated. The Coolsculpting method works well for patients with larger pockets of stubborn fat that are persistent in diet and exercise. It treats the entire target area that the applicator engages.

    Why Should I Choose Kybella or Coolsculpting?

    Kybella treatment provides the same results as you would from a surgical procedure but without experiencing any risks or complications. Remember, this treatment utilizes a substance that’s found naturally in your body. Kybella will effectively dissolve the excess fat beneath your chin like any other procedure.,

    Equally, the Coolsculpting procedure does not involve any needles. It’s non-surgery, and no anesthesia during the treatment. Your aesthetician targets only the troublesome pockets of fat that persist even after eating clean and exercising. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared Coolsculpting for fat reduction treatment in several areas in your body. Also, after the fat deposits get permanently destroyed, you’ll notice natural-looking results within eight to twelve weeks following treatment.

    Who Qualifies as a Good Candidate?

    With either Kybella or Coolsculpting procedures, it all depends on the amount of stubborn fat you want to remove from the target area. There’s no right or wrong. During your consultation, a skilled doctor will advise you on the right procedure based on the extent of treatment. For instance, if you’re in generally good health but have trouble with a few pockets of fat that won’t just go away, the Coolsculpting technique will work better for you. However, it’ll not work for patients with many areas that need sculpting and those with too much fat.

    On the other hand, Kybella will work for those who want to remove excess fat beneath their chin. The amount of fat recommended by doctors should be squeezable between your fingers. It’s important to note that following Kybella treatment, your skin may become loose, requiring you to undergo a neck lift to tighten it. It’s also perfect for the areas with less fat that Coolsculpting can’t remove. You’re not the right candidate if taking blood-thinning medications.

    Benefits of Non-invasive Fat-removal Procedure

    • No downtime required. You can instantly get back to your daily activities. 
    • Both treatments take anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes to perform.
    • You’ll have minimal potential side effects. And, in case you experience minor side effects, they’ll last briefly.
    • Kybella or Coolsculpting will result in a leaner and younger-looking appearance, taking years off your look.
    • You get to see your ideal results without undergoing surgery.
    • If you keep a healthy lifestyle and weight maintenance, your results will last longer, and you should not require any more treatment after completing your sessions.
    • Unlike other surgical procedures, anesthesia is not required, no scars or incisions left on your body.
    • Unlike other treatments, you get minimal pre-treatment and post-treatment instructions. Before your treatment, you should avoid food high in sodium and sugar, and after your procedure, you should take lots of water to stay hydrated.


    • It’s not easy to tell the amount of fat reduced. You’ll only get a percentage guesstimate.
    • In most cases, you’ll need multiple treatments and follow-up sessions for ideal results.
    • Either Kybella or Coolsculpting may not work at all for patients with a considerable amount of fat.
    • If compared to a surgical procedure such as liposuction, these non-surgical procedures offer minimal sculpting.
    • The doctors warn you that these treatments will not change your weight. It would be best if you observed a healthy diet and regular exercises to maintain the results achieved.

    Cost for Both Fat-Removal Procedures

    The cost for these two Kybella or Coolsculpting will depend on several factors: the amount of fat to be removed, your health provider, location, and your aesthetic goals. The average cost for Kybella treatment starts at around $1,200 per session. 

    And Coolsculpting treatment ranges between $2,000 to 4,000, again depending on the number of the target areas being treated. Due to the number of session treatments required for Kybella, it ends up being more expensive than Coolsculpting. It’s worth noting that your insurance will not cover these procedures, as they’re both cosmetic.

    Potential Side Effects and Risks

    Before you start either Kybella or Coolsculpting, ensure that you discuss with your aesthetician of any other cosmetic or surgical procedures previously done. The most common side effects in Kybella treatment include; swelling, numbness, redness, and pain. Be sure to inform your specialist immediately in case you experience any of these side effects. In a few extreme cases, the procedure may cause patients may experience difficulty in swallowing. And some may get nerve injuries in their jaw, which can cause an uneven smile.

    Equally, following Coolsculpting treatment, you may experience side effects including; swelling, redness, bruising, stinging, and pain. However, these side effects will last for a couple of days before they disappear. 

    In Conclusion: If you’re considering Kybella or Coolsculpting, it’s critical to reach your target weight before starting any of these treatments. Because, like any other cosmetic procedure, neither of these fat-removal techniques is meant for weight loss measure.

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