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    The 8 Best Mobile Apps for Women to Get Fit, Toned, and Healthy

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    Improved reproductive health, less hormonally-triggered mood swings, and better mental health are some of the many reasons why women should make exercise a habit.

    Whether you’re already fit or just starting your fitness journey, check out these mobile exercise apps for women and get moving today.

    1. Workout for Women: Fit at Home

    Working out at home is an excellent starting point, especially if you feel intimidated by going to the gym. And if you’re looking to get fit for the warmer months, you might be interested in the special summer workouts on the Workout for Women app. These exercises can help boost your confidence and make you feel more comfortable in your skin during bikini season.

    Getting started with the Workout for Women app is super simple, and it’s easy to find a workout suited to your needs. Each week, there are unique challenges and workouts for different parts of your body—including your arms, thighs, and abs.

    2. Sweat

    Created by the popular personal trainer Kayla Itsines, Sweat is one of the best personal training apps around. Start by choosing your three most important goals, your fitness level, training styles, and whether you want to train at home or in the gym.

    The Sweat app features a unique virtual community of women from all around the world. Being a part of a fitness community can help you stay motivated, encourage you to reach your workout goals, and offer a sense of sisterhood. Besides tons of workout programs, Sweat has a meal planner, a monthly calendar, and a progress tracker.

    3. Lose Weight App for Women

    Getting older leads to a slower metabolism, which results in weight gain. According to Harvard Health Publishing, abdominal weight gain for women means a higher risk of having a heart attack. So, it’s vital for women to get rid of that extra belly fat.

    The Lose Weight App for Women is perfect for trimming off excess fat around the abdominal area, especially the Lose Belly Fat program. The program includes daily fat-burning exercises, such as bicycle crunches and mountain climbers, over the course of five weeks.

    4. StrongHer

    Because women come in all shapes and sizes, having a workout plan suited specifically to you is essential. StrongHer is an amazing fitness and nutrition app that provides you with a weekly workout schedule based on your particular body measurements.

    Five daily workout sessions make up the schedule, and you’ll also get an additional weekly challenge session that you can do anytime to amp up your week. The app also conveniently tracks your steps, calories burned, water consumed, and all the food you’ve eaten.

    5. Workout for Women | 7M Women

    It can be a complicated process to lose unwanted fat, especially for women who have more body fat than men naturally, as stated by research from ScienceDaily. Workout for Women has a massive collection of fat-blasting workouts, ranging from beginner squats and boxing to Tabata and quick HIIT workout sessions.

    The Daily 7 is a quick daily workout session on the app that you can squeeze in during lunch or after work. All it takes is seven minutes a day to work up a sweat and burn away calories!

    6. LadyFIT

    LadyFIT is an amazing mobile app with easy-to-follow instructions and customizable workouts that target all the important areas of the female body. Your goal might be to focus on your arms and chest area since no woman wants to have their arms jiggle when they move them.

    If you want your arms to be toned and strong, the best way to get results is to take part in the LadyFIT Arm Workout program. Additionally, an awesome feature of the app is that you can rate the difficulty of each workout you complete, and the app adjusts the next workout based on your response.

    7. WeFit

    As a woman, you might be cautious when doing muscle-building exercises because you’re afraid you’re going to look bulky. Yet, you can get lovely, lean muscles with the correct training. The WeFit app features the right toning workouts for women that focus on your chest, abs, arms, shoulders, and legs.

    The app allows you to target specific areas, such as your chest area, and then provides effective beginner workouts as well as intermediate, advanced, and beast workout plans. The workout plans are all five weeks long, getting harder as you progress and increase your overall fitness level.

    8. Barre | Down Dog

    Barre is a low-impact, beginner-friendly, full-body workout that women love. Barre is beneficial for women in particular because of the simple but brutal movements that strengthen and lengthen muscles. It is a combination of ballet, Pilates, and yoga, which means you can have the body of a ballet dancer in no time.

    The Barre Down Dog app is basic, simple to use, and ideal for those who are beginners to barre. Start by picking an interval length, the body parts you want to focus on, and tunes to work out to. The app then provides you with a personalized, 10-minute barre workout session to do at home.

    Workout Apps for Women That Want Results

    Often, it’s tough to decide on a workout schedule and then stick to it. Additionally, it’s even tougher to stick to it if you don’t see results. It’s easy to stay on top of a workout plan and achieve effective results with the help of a mobile workout app—all from the comfort of your own home!

    As a woman, exercising daily can have a powerful effect on your health. So do you want to make regular physical activity a priority in your life? Make sure to try out a few of these great workout apps available to women to stay happy, healthy, and strong.

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