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Tips to Choose the Right Diaper Size for Your Baby


The journey of becoming a parent is simply overwhelming! Now that you have a little toddler in your life, things will get a lot more exciting and tiring at the same time. Caring for a newborn is one of the most challenging tasks you will encounter as a parent. 

If you are new to parenthood, you will need to get accustomed to a wide variety of products, the first being baby diapers. However, are you aware that the diaper size is just as important as selecting an ideal brand? Many new parents focus on the brand instead of the sizing.  Without a proper fit, the diaper might leak and irritate your baby’s skin, causing discomfort. Choosing the right diaper will keep your baby dry, comfortable, healthy and happy! 

Sounds crucial, right? Want to know more about this topic? See below to learn more on how to choose the right diaper size. 

Why is it important to choose the right diaper size?

Baby diapers are not bought according to the baby’s age; instead it’s the baby’s weight that determines the size. Also not every baby distributes their weight the same way, so parents must also be aware of how the diaper fits around the baby’s waist and legs. There are usually five different sizes that range from size 1-5 or listed as newborn, small, medium, large, and extra-large. 

Using the wrong diaper size can cause leakage around the legs, blowouts and eventually skin irritations such as diaper rashes. An incorrect diaper size, whether it’s too small or big, can cause your baby discomfort. If your baby is crying a lot and the diaper is dry, check to see how the diaper is fitting around the waist and legs. 

Signs your baby’s diaper is not the correct size? 

If your baby has frequent accidents and the diaper is leaking from the sides, then your baby’s diaper is too large, most likely by the legs, and preventing a nice snug fit. But what are the other tell-tale signs you need to look for?  The following are some pointers that can help you understand whether you have the correct diaper size.

Marks on the baby’s skin

If your baby’s skin is covered with red rashes and has marks on his inner thighs, then it’s possible that the diaper may be too tight.  While the side elastic must stick firmly to the diaper to avoid leakage, it should not be too tight that the skin is packed in a manner that leaves marks on the baby’s skin. Make sure to discard any unused diapers that leave marks on the baby’s delicate skin. 

Difficulty in attaching side tabs

If you find it troublesome to attach the side tabs and tape them together, the diaper may be too small. Wearing a diaper that is too small around the waist may make your baby frustrated and nauseous and lead to accidental blowouts and leakage. 

Frequent blowouts 

If the diapers are leaking more often, it merely indicates that you have been using the wrong diaper for your baby. These mishaps generally happen when your baby’s diaper is way too small for the amount of waste, so it struggles to hold the wastes and provide optimum coverage.

How to determine if your baby’s diaper size is correct?

Check the waistband

The simplest way to know if you have chosen the correct size, is by testing the baby’s diaper’s waistband. Use your fingertips to pull the diaper’s strap; if you feel rigidness or tightness on your fingers, it might be because the diaper is way too small for your baby. 

Bottom Coverage

Make sure your baby’s bottom is completely covered and the diapers are giving optimum coverage. If your baby’s bum is not covered correctly, it means you need to scale up one size. 

Mind the tabs

Mind the diaper tabs, and you will ensure a proper and comfortable fit. If the diaper tabs are close to the baby’s stomach that suggests, the diaper fits nicely. If the tab is moving away from the belly region and it is hard to secure the diaper tab, you should step up the diaper size.


Babies’ skin is up to 10 times more sensitive than us, so extra care and attention are needed to make their growing years comfortable and carefree. Choosing the right diaper size for your baby is of utmost importance. A loose-fitted or tight-fitted diaper can irritate and keep the baby awake all night. 

Always make sure to check the material of the diaper, and use natural diapers to avoid skin rashes. Do change the diaper every three to four hours in the daytime, and during the night; you can use the diaper for seven to eight hours.

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