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    Top 5 YouTube Entertainment Channels to Subscribe Today!

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    YouTube has come a long way over the last decade or so. From a simple video sharing platform to the second most popular search engine after Google. Of course, Google has owned YouTube since November 2006. However, that’s beside the point. The point is that YouTube only continues to increase in popularity, leading to the rise of YouTubers and YouTube channels.

    5 Best YouTube Channels Today

    YouTube is an ever-constant source of entertainment and knowledge with a few odd cat and dog videos in between. When I’m bored with my Spectrum TV Choice package, I just fire up YouTube and start watching my favorite YouTubers. YouTube has channels in just about every genre you could think of. From music to ocean of movies review, to TV show teasers, to educational videos, there is something for everyone.

    The video streaming platform attracts over 1.8 billion users every month. YouTube earns money from advertisers who place ads on these videos. The channels and YouTubers earn money from advertisers on YouTube placing ads on their videos. The more views and following a channel has, the more popular and more profitable it becomes. So it should come as no surprise there are YouTube channels consistently dominating the arena. However, we will be focusing on indie YouTubers only. That means no Vevo or in-house channels.

    If you want your entertainment fast, original, and easy, subscribe to the following channels today:

    5. VanossGaming – 24.5 Million Subscribers

    4. Whinderssonnunes – 35.71 Million Subscribers

    3. JuegaGerman – 34.95 Million Subscribers

    2. Dude Perfect – 42.31 Million Subscribers

    1. PewDiePie – 96 Million Subscribers

    Let’s take a closer look at these channels below.

    #5 VanossGaming

    With just over twenty-four and a half million subscribers, VanossGaming is perhaps the least popular YouTube channel on our list. But that does not mean its fan base is any less devoted than others. Evan Fong, a Canadian gamer runs the channel under the alias Vanoss. Active since 2011, the page typically features funny video montages of Fong and his friends wreaking havoc on online games. Call of Duty, Garry’s Mod, and Grand Theft Auto seem to be the primary favorites. The 26 year old YouTuber believes he is only as good as his last video, and continues to come up with content that blows up.

    #4 Whinderssonnunes

    Thirty-five million subscribers places Whinderssonnunes on the number four spot on our list. Meet Whindersson Nunes, the 23-year old shirtless sensation from Brazil. The YouTuber continues to engage viewers with his vlog rants and pop chart parodies. Among some of his most viewed parodies are those of Hello (Adele), Love Yourself (Justin Bieber), and Starboy (The Weeknd).  

    #3 JuegaGerman

    German Garmendia comes in at number three with his 34.95 million subscriber-strong channel on YouTube. He has another one as well, but JuegaGerman is his original channel and it’s filled with gaming content. However, gaming isn’t all you’ll find here. The Chilean YouTuber professes he’s not good at playing games, and mixes it up with his musical talent. Catch him hammering out piano solos or riffs on current events.

    #2 Dude Perfect

    With over 42 million subscribers, Dude Perfect grabs the number two spot on our list. The channel, run by Tyler Toney and his band of merry men, has all the trick-shot extravaganza you’ve been looking for. The channel originally started in 2009, and has since then amassed a collection of jaw-dropping skills and shots. If there is a trick-shot to be made, Dude Perfect is where you’ll find it.

    #1 PewDiePie

    The king of YouTube still reigns, and he is still a controversial gamer from Sweden. 28-year-old Felix Kjellberg has been on the scene for a long time. Even today, he continues to offer his take on popular memes. He also offers a wacky vlog series on different popular games. However, PewDiePie has been no stranger to controversy. From racism to antisemitism to pro-Nazism, Felix has landed himself in hot water multiple times. But it seems his fanbase is loyal to a fault. He still has one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube.

    However, others have not been so understanding. Disney, Google, and YouTube have all taken action against the YouTuber in recent years. Of course, there are a few half-baked apology videos floating around. PewDiePie seems to be going just as strong.  

    I believe YouTube is popular because it is accessible. It does not depend on my Spectrum internet availability to offer me the entertainment I need. I can watch it at home, in the office, or on the go. With billions of users every month, it is no surprise that YouTube channels continue to grow and get more followers. Let us know in the comments below if we missed out any of your favorite channels.

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