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    What are the sales promotion techniques?

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    In terms of non-media communication, one of the means that can be used is sales promotion. What are the sales promotion techniques? How to implement them? Find out more in the following article.

    We can distinguish  major families of promotions.

    1. The price reduction (immediate or deferred).

    2. The free gadget (immediately or with a points collector).

    3. The extra product

    4. The batch of several products

    5. Reimbursement offers.

    6. Shopping vouchers throughout the store.

    7. The free trial.

    8. Games and competitions.

    Let’s go back to some of these techniques.

    1 · The price reduction (immediate or deferred).

    The goal of this technique is simple: to lower the face price of the product that which the customer meets when making contact with the product. The way we communicate in this regard is to indicate the price as the new price, introductory price, exceptional price, with a% or amount of reduction, a crossed out price. You can indicate the price on the product, on a strikethrough price tag … Please note, in this case, the promotion cannot be renewed indefinitely because after a certain time the promotional price becomes the normal price. This is why a promotion must be short to prompt an order immediately.

    Note: We can sell at a loss in the event of cessations or changes in commercial activities, seasonal or outdated or outdated products, perishable products.

    2 Free gift

    This can be immediately or remotely with a point collector. The idea is to trigger impulse buying or to retain customers to encourage them to accumulate purchases. What objects to offer? They can be unrelated to the product (a lighter, a pen, etc.), linked to an event (the Rugby World Cup 2007), complementary to the product (photo paper for a printer, etc.), or finally a sample (we will provide you with some offer when you buy a perfume. To build loyalty we can offer a series of “collectable” items to obtain. Take for example the “Glue in the fridge” offered in children’s yogurts with all the 26 letters of the alphabet.

    However, the regulations are precise in this area: the limit set by law, per customer and per year is 7% of the net price including VAT if the value of the product is less than 80 euros, or 5 euros + 1% of the net price including VAT. if the price is greater than 80 euros (within a limit of 60 euros).

    3 Refund offers (product reduction coupons)

    There are different techniques: full reimbursement of the product on request, the Satisfied or Refunded guarantee, reimbursement on a future purchase / a product of the brand / a product of the range (the “on pack”), This offer can be on the product (sticker) or to print itself e.g bershka discount code offer by, to be distributed by mail or in store

    4 The additional product

    These are, for example, “giraffe” products (+ 20%, 50 g more…) or kangaroo (a small product in a bundle). It can also be exceptional formats sold for the occasion (the 1 liter bottle of Whiskey for example)

    5 · The batch of several products (with identical products or with complementary products).

    These lots can be paired (a set of two toothpastes), mismatched (a toothbrush and a toothpaste), from the same range (a toothpaste and a tooth whitener), discovery (with a complete new product being tested) … The idea is to introduce a product, develop sales or even liquidate a stock of noor by saadia asad. But be careful, the sale in batches the store must have the 2 products separately from the batch or allow the separation of the batch and display the price of the products sold individually. In addition, the average price of the products in the lot must not be below the resale price at a loss.

    6. Shopping vouchers throughout the store

    The goal here is to carry out a Trade Marketing operation with the brand: the manufacturer offers the brand a budget, and in return the brand highlights the products at the point of sale and on its communications.

    7. Free trial

    The free trial can be done in the form of free use of the service for a certain period of time. For example, the product will only be billed if the customer is satisfied with the services

    8. Games and competitions.

    The techniques available are numerous: the competition (test calling on the talents of the participants without any notion of chance), the free game with response coupon (with the notion of chance / drawing of lots), the free game by phone or via an interactive terminal, the game with scratch ticket (Instant Win)… The payment must be deposited with a bailiff

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