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    When To Get Hormone Replacement Therapy?

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    Hormone issue is a common aspect of the modern world. At times, most of us face difficulties such as sleeping problems and reduced strength of muscles. Lack of energy and fatigue also contributed to this issue that must be recognized early on. At such a time, most of us aim to approach integrative medicine Chicago to get healthier way out.

    Hormone replacement therapy enables us to you have mental clarity, faster weight loss, improved muscle strength, good night sleep, and more energy. To get such benefits from this particular therapy, however, we must be able to identify whether or not we need it. Knowledge of appropriate symptoms and signs enables us to know more about the therapy itself.

    Problems observed in men

    Generally, men do not go through the process of menopause that can act as a clear signal for hormone replacement therapy. Men, however, face another issue of losing testosterone after they turn 30. Indeed, merely losing the testosterone isn’t a signal helpful enough to identify whether we need the therapy or not.

    One of the signs includes lower energy, exhaustion, and fatigue. Men facing difficulty with hormones are slower as compared to other males around them. They fail to act energetically in a situation. Even if the case is particularly exciting, the result remains the same with men.

    Lack of proper sustenance and achievement of erection among men is yet another symptom that urges them toward the therapy. If appropriate steps are not taken, we might end up facing problems in our marriage and love life. We wouldn’t want our wives to be dissatisfied, would we?

    Men also lack focus and mental clarity while making a particular decision. Most of us end up identifying the aspect in a problematic situation where men are forced to make a hard decision within a couple of minutes. Indeed, without perfect clarity, it is harder to come to a particular point, which may anger our superiors and even our family members.

    Other technical signs within men include libido loss, weight gain, moodiness, dry skin, thin hair, depression and anxiety, irritable and sluggishness, and mass muscle loss. If we can identify any signs mentioned above, we would successfully attempt hormone replacement therapy for our benefit.

    Problems observed in females

    The female body is quite different as compared to males. The first and most common sign of abnormality and imbalance in hormones is menopause. At times menopause can become irregular due to hormonal issues. It is dangerous for health because it enables us to achieve the status of estrogen loss in the body. Due to this, many health conditions are observed, including heart disease, osteoporosis, premature ovary failure, diabetes, colon cancer, and others.

    Another sign includes sleeping difficulty at night. Women often faced a challenge regarding sleep at the present date. However, just aspect of sleepless nights cannot ensure us about the requirement of hormone replacement therapy. It is to be combined with other signals that make us sure enough.

    Muscle strength decrease in women is high due to imbalanced and disturbed hormones. It may be accompanied by loss of desire to work and laziness. It also reduces once sexual desire that only act as a troubling bone within a relationship.

    Like men, women also end up facing fatigue and exhaustion. This is precisely due to the lower amount of energy transmitted in the entire length of the body. Indeed, hormonal imbalance can cause such a phenomenon. Other problems within women include weight gain, specifically in the midsection of the body, thin hair, difficulty concentrating, lower mental clarity, vaginal dryness, dry skin, moodiness, joint or muscle pain, lower muscle strength, and no weight loss despite a healthy lifestyle.


    Even though both men and women have different bodies respectively, some of the symptoms match that urges them you have the therapy. The Green Circle Wellness Clinic helps in providing effective hormone replacement therapy in Chicago at affordable rates. By understanding symptoms, we would know when to approach these experts positively.

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