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    How to make your home child-friendly?

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    How to make your home child-friendly

    Making a place child-friendly is a challenging thing. Children get hurt by anything and everything, even from the things we think are not dangerous to them. Children normally like to jump around, roll around and crawl around the whole house touching everything and putting every little thing in their mouth. This may prove fatal at times depending on the things they put in their mouth, the things they touch, and the things they might get hurt from.

    So, when you welcome a child at home, you also welcome home improvement ideas that are child-friendly.

    Let us have a look at the things that can help you welcome home improvement ideas:

    • All electrical items which are at a lower level or at a level where they can easily reach should have child-safe covers. This will prevent them from putting their fingers in the outlet and hurting them.
    • All the medications, first-aid kit needs to be shifted to a place that cannot be reached by the child.
    • Make sure that the window blinds are cordless.
    • Windows must only open 3 inches, roughly the size of an adult fist, or a window guard should be installed.
    • All heavy furniture should be placed on the ground and mounted towards the wall in order to avoid any accidents.
    • You need to make sure that the kitchen has a gate that can be closed to keep your child away from entering the kitchen which is a place full of sharp objects.
    • All chemicals in the kitchen like dishwashing powder, detergents, etc should be kept inside the cupboard so that they are far away from children.
    • Even if your child is a toddler or an infant, you need to put the microwave out of reach of children.
    • When you’re not cooking, take the knobs off. Use a stove guard, which is a plastic or metal shield that mounts to the front of the stove and makes it more difficult for curious hands to reach the burners.
    • Most importantly, do not forget that your child is fond of crawling to every corner of the house, thus, let all the corners of the furniture be rounded instead of sharp-pointed or out the rubber clogs on the edges so that they do not get hurt.
    • Also, your child loves to scribble on walls, so if you wish to keep your wall paint intact, you can stick some papers on the wall at the ground level so that the child will scribble on that paper and leave your paint as it is.
    • Toilets are locked. Doormats are kept outside toilets and bathrooms to avoid slipping off.

    There can be an endless list of things that can be treated as home improvement ideas that can be child-friendly. These simple things when changed will let your child have a safe and secure home to live in. Welcome your baby to a safe home which will lower your stress too.

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