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    Pure Water: A Critical Issue and Aquaanalytic’s Innovative Solution

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    Access to pure water is a global challenge, with some countries suffering more acutely than others, particularly those with desert landscapes. Despite their strong economies, Saudi Arabia and Dubai rely on imported drinking water Addressing this critical issue, Aquaanalytic has emerged as a leader in water purification using cutting-edge technology.

    Introducing AQUAANALYTIC

    AQUAANALYTIC LLC Dubai is an authorised importer and distributor of the Evoqua Water Technologies (USA) in the United Arab Emirates. The company is well-known for its great service and solid market reputation, having served hundreds of clients with high satisfaction rates.

    Why Choose AQUAANALYTIC?

    Choosing an ineffective water purification service can jeopardize your health. Here are the reasons why Aquaanalytic stands out:

    Preferred by Top Brands

    Aquaanalytic has completed numerous projects, earning recognition and trust from various brands due to its dedication and high-quality services.

    High Success Rate

    The company boasts a high client retention rate, indicating effective services with minimal need for re-calls. Clients often re-engage Aquaanalytic for new projects, and positive reviews further highlight their reliability.

    Innovative Technologies

    With years of experience, Aquaanalytic stays ahead by adopting the latest market trends and edge-cutting technologies, ensuring top-notch service proficiency.

    Experienced Team

    AQUAANALYTIC’s team consists of 21 certified and experienced professionals. Despite its small size, the team’s expertise and dedication ensure the highest service standards in water purification.


    AQUAANALYTIC’s international recognition does not limit its scalability. The company is equipped to handle both individual and business projects, making it a versatile partner for any water purification needs.

    Cost-Effective Solutions

    While modern technologies often come with high costs, Aquaanalytic offers its services at reasonable prices, making it a cost-effective choice for customers.

    Trusted by Evoqua Water Technologies

    Evoqua Water Technologies, a leader in the field, has endorsed Aquaanalytic by signing a distributor agreement from 2022 to 2026. This partnership extends AQUAANALYTIC’s recognition to markets in Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Estonia, and Uzbekistan.

    Comprehensive Solutions

    Aquaanalytic also provides sustained monitoring of air pollutants in rooms, a service particularly beneficial for hospitals and businesses. This monitoring focuses on aerosol and micro-particles that can affect climate and health.


    Aquaanalytic is a global leader in modern technological solutions for water purification. With a high client retention rate and excellent services, the company has earned positive recognition in the field. Additionally, it offers air purification services to ensure clean and healthy environments. The dedicated and professional staff at Aquaanalytic is well-trained to address and resolve any issues, making them a reliable choice for water and air purification needs.

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