Saturday, April 20, 2024


    Senator co-signed order ejection international travel throughout pandemic

    Plett's trip to the United Mexican States contradicts the order he signed, says NDP MP Lindsay Mathyssen Conservative subunit. Don Plett — United Nations agency sparked tilt by a move...

    Some Canadian snowbirds in Florida are already obtaining the COVID-19 immunogen

    Vaccinations being offered to seniors aged sixty-five and up, as well as Canadians Snowbirds World Health Organization headed to Florida this winter — despite Canada's consultive to not travel abroad...

    Canada’s slow COVID-19 immunogen rollout puts most vulnerable in danger. Here’s what may be done to repair it

    Ontario has immunized fewer than 1,000 long care residents Canada is falling behind in its initial rollout of COVID-19 vaccines at a crucial time within the pandemic, and specialists say...

    B.C. health order restricts the variety of staff at giant industrial work sites

    Dr. comely Henry says comes like web site C threaten fast unfold of COVID-19 in northern B.C. British Columbia's Public Health Officer has ordered 5 major industrial comes in northern...

    Canadian military leaves Shamattawa initial Nation when providing COVID-19 support

    Troops were deployed to remote northern Canadian province community on Dec. 13 The military has left Shamattawa initial Nation nearly 3 weeks when they were referred to as in to...

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