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    7 Reasons Why Eucalyptus Sheets Are Best for Your Bed

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    In an age where environment is already being subjected to enormous amount of damage due to a rapid increase in industrial activity, it has become our integral responsibility to make wise and environmentally friendly decisions.

    What can be a better place to begin making those decisions than the bedroom itself? 

    Even something as little as choosing the right bedsheet has its impact on the environment. 

    When choosing a bedsheet, there are quite a few factors to consider, some of them being comfort, durability, affordability, and oftentimes a composition that is not harmful for the environment.

    It’s been a while since the demand for eco-friendly bedding has been on the rise during the on-going wave of the Green Movement.

    That being said, this demand has made eucalyptus sheets a popular option among many homeowners.

    Let’s dig deeper into the reason behind its popularity and why it is a great choice 

    Making of a Eucalyptus Bedding

    Eucalyptus is a unique tree that has become increasingly sought after in the textile industry because of its distinctive qualities. 

    Unlike other trees, the eucalyptus tree is cut in a way that allows its continued growth, which makes it a sustainable and eco- friendly option. 

    The Conversion Process of Eucalyptus into Bedding

    The conversion process of Eucalyptus requires the Lyocell Process for its transformation into soft fiber.

    During this process, a reusable solvent is also used to spin the wood pulp, making Eucalyptus turn into Lyocell Tencel.

    The purpose of using a reusable solvent is of course to keep the process sustainable and eco-friendly throughout, not only safeguarding the environment but also minimizing water wastage. 

    The resulting fabric is an epitome of softness and durability, a fabric so breathable and pure that it’s absolutely perfect for sensitive skin. 

    The Advantages of Having Eucalyptus Sheets

    The process and optimal mix make Eucalyptus sheets the best ones an unbeatable choice in every way. 

    A few of its amazing features are listed below:

    1. Super Comfortable

    The fibers in these sheets are not only extremely soft, they are also very breathable, which helps in keeping things cool at night, maintaining a balanced body temperature optimal for a comfortable sleep. 

    1. Durable

    Eucalyptus sheets last longer in comparison to bamboo and cotton bed sheets.

    The sheets are made from a fiber which is less vulnerable to wear and tear and doesn’t crease easily. 

    1. Dust Resistant

    Besides being the best sleep bedsheets owing to its making, Eucalyptus sheets are also resistant to mold and dust.

    They can easily fend off insects, ensuring you sleep without an single worry in the world 

    1. Made Without Harsh Chemicals

    You spend one-third of your time in bed, and all that while, your bedsheet is in direct contact with your skin. So, it is only wise to go for a bedding option free of any toxic chemicals, keeping you safe from any negative impact these harsh chemicals can have on your overall health as well as quality of sleep. 

    No wonder they are known as the softest sheets for bedding!

    Majority of bedding options include bamboo and cotton mixed with harmful chemicals.

    But the Lyocell process utilized in the making of a Eucalyptus bedding sheet is both environment-friendly and non-toxic.

    The only chemical chosen for the making of Eucalyptus sheets is Amine Oxide solvent, which refines the wood pulp. An absolutely non-toxic chemical, which is reusable and recycled during the manufacturing process of the sheets itself.

    1. Guarantee of Sound Sleep

    Eucalyptus sheets will improve the quality of your sleep with its soft and breathable qualities, and fibers that are antibacterial and antimicrobial.

    1. Self-Regulating Sheets

    Eucalyptus sheets are self-regulating when it comes to adjusting as per the body temperature during summers

    We recommend Sweave. Sweave has excellent cooling sheets, which easily absorb moisture and create a breathable and cool environment for you to slip into every night. They’re also hypoallergenic which helps in keeping things pleasant for people prone to skin sensitivities and allergies. 

    In short, replacing stuffy sheets with these will change your life!

    1. Environment Friendly

    If the other amazing qualities weren’t impressive enough for you to try eucalyptus bedsheets, them being eco-friendly in composition as well as making might just be enough of a reason for you to fill up your cart with the fluffy goodness. In conclusion, make a difference not just in the world but also in your life by choosing the best eucalyptus sheets. Oh, the dreams you’ll have, snuggled comfortably in the softest sheets, knowing you didn’t leave any negative impact on the environment. Absolutely priceless!

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