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    5 Shockingly Easy Way To Get Your Kids To Help With Chores

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    If you’re looking for shockingly easy ways to get your kids to help out, these tips will teach you a thing or two!  As you know, when you’re stuck in the house, there are ample opportunities for chores, cleaning and housework.  However, getting the little ones to help out is another story!

    Involving your children in housework isn’t a bad thing to do either!  Doing so reinforces some of the values you hope they develop throughout life.  It’s also a great way to set a strong foundation and set your kids up to be more responsible as they move into young adulthood.

    These 5 tips will literally change your life and make your kids more likely to help around the house!

    TIP 1: Make A Game Of It.

    This won’t work for your older children, but for toddlers it’s a great way to get them in a pattern of looking at housework in a different light.  By making a game of the little chores your kids can help out with, you will see that your children will enjoy helping out (and will be eager to do it, too)!

    You can put on some fun music, dance around and clean and dust at the same time.  Take frequent breaks for healthy snacks and just have a great time cleaning around the house.  Be sure to laugh and make the activity as amusing as possible.

    NJ cleaning company Cleaning World Inc. recommends having your kids do small things such as dusting low to the ground items, picking up toys and folding blankets.  It’s not about getting your home clean, it’s about getting your children into a pattern of productive behavior!

    TIP2: Do Chores Together.

    As silly and simple as it sounds, doing chores together with your children is a great way to get them involved.  Additionally, they’ll experience doing the chores differently than if you instruct them to do something independently.

    Working with your kids as a team and tackling chores together is a great way to begin to teach your kids responsibility. In addition, it will strengthen your bond and you’ll be able to make sure the chores get done correctly as well.

    TIP 3: Use Popsicle Sticks.

    A fun you can do is use ice cream pop sticks to add an element of interest to doing chores.  Color the sticks in fun colors (you can even color code them room-by-room) and write a chore on ice cream sticks.

    Setting up the housework in this way is a great way to add excitement to the boring task.  When the kids are done with the chore they chose, add a rewarding incentive like an ice cream pop made of Greek yogurt!

    TIP 4: Give Them A Challenge And Switch Routines.

    Giving your kids a challenge and switching up from the normal routine isn’t a bad thing to do.  You don’t want to give your kids a chore that is dangerous in any way of course. Keep things age appropriate but interesting for them to do.

    As an example NJ commercial laundry service owner, Michael Hoskam suggests that you give your children one of the following laundry tasks:

    • Sorting the laundry
    • Taking laundry from the dryer to a designated folding area
    • Folding clothes

    TIP 5: Have Them Help Feed The Pets

    Having your children help out with feeding the family pets is a great way to teach responsibility and give them a sense of a higher purpose.  Our little furry friends depend on us, and when your kids see how important their job is, it will strengthen their feelings of self-worth.


    It’s really not that hard to make your everyday chores interesting for your children to do.  With a little creativity and a shift in perspective, your kids will be helping you out with the chores without you even having to ask!

    We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and wish you the best!

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