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    How can I clean the WPC wall panel?

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    WPC wall paneling is a popular way to improve the beauty and functionality of your interior space. It has been a popular choice among homeowners due to its durability, low maintenance requirements, and varied appearance. It is resistant to the elements, preventing the wall panels from fading or fracturing. WPC wall panels require less care, although they still demand some attention. In this article, we will discuss how to clean a WPC wall panel, giving detailed directions and suggestions.

    How can I clean the WPC wall panel?

    WPC panels require less maintenance than traditional wooden wall panels. They do, however, require periodic cleaning and maintenance in order to maintain their robustness and endurance. Cleaning appears to be crucial for keeping your WPC material looking and functioning properly. Dirty WPC wall panels can develop difficult-to-remove stains and mold, limiting their lifespan.



    After you’ve prepared the room for cleaning, gather the necessary cleaning supplies. You will require soft brushes, warm water, mild detergent, a sponge, and a clean cloth.

    Do not use abrasive or chemical-based cleaners. They can permanently damage your wall panels and have a severe impact on their surface. Before cleaning your panels, make sure that the atmosphere meets the cleaning criteria.

    To avoid slowing the cleaning process, remove all items from your WPC panels first.

    Use tools to remove any loose dirt or debris from the wall’s surface. Use a soft brush to remove dust and other debris. Remove the debris before proceeding with the entire cleaning.

    Prepare the cleaner

    Add a small amount of cleanser to warm water and whisk thoroughly, but prevent overfoaming. It is important to remember that applying too much neater will leave a residue on the wallboard surface.

    Alternatively, you can purchase a manufacturer-recommended cleaner for WPC cleaning. Harsh chemicals should be avoided while cleaning your walls.

    Clean the wallboards

    Once you’ve finished the preliminary work, you’ll be ready to clean your wallboard. Dip a sponge or mop into the prepared cleanser and squeeze out any excess water. Then, with a sponge or mop, gently scrub the surface of your WPC wall panels.

    To remove dirt and stains from the wall panel, scrape in sections with light pressure. Be careful not to press too hard, as this can cause damage or scratches on the board.

    Removing tough stains

    Stains and imperfections on wall panels that are difficult to remove necessitate a specialized treatment. Apply a professional cleaning solution formulated exclusively for WPC panels to the discolored region.

    Allow the cleaner to soak into the stain for a few minutes before gently cleaning with a gentle brush. Finally, use water to thoroughly rinse the affected area to remove any remaining residue.

    Rinse the wallboard

    After you have finished cleaning with the cleaner, thoroughly rinse your WPC panels with clean water. Using a hose or bucket, remove any soap or cleanser residue from the paneling.

    To avoid leaving residue on the paneling’s surface, thoroughly rinse any cleaning solutions. The deposition may leave a film on the surface or perhaps damage your panels.

    Drying the panels

    After rinsing, properly dry your WPC panels to avoid water damage. Remove any excess moisture from the surface using a dry, clean cloth. Wait until your wall panels are totally dry before repositioning the trim on them.

    Dos and Donts for Maintaining WPC Wall Panelling

    You should learn the do’s and don’ts of interior WPC wall paneling. Avoid causing harm to the wall panels through improper use or maintenance.

    Regular maintenance or cleaning

    Regular maintenance and cleaning of WPC wall panels is required to keep them looking and operating effectively. Sweep the panels regularly to remove loose debris and dust. Use a cleaner made specifically for WPC panels to maintain their luster and avoid dirt buildup.

    Remove spills quickly

    COOWIN WPC wall panels are highly stain-resistant and long-lasting. However, spills on the panel should be cleaned as soon as possible. This effectively prevents corrosion and rotting of the panel. To clean up spills on the panel, use a light detergent and thoroughly rinse with water.

    Avoid using chemicals

    As previously said, it is vital to avoid using chemicals throughout the cleaning process. These cleaners can significantly damage the surface of your wall panels, shortening their life. Clean your panels with a gentle cleaner or warm water.

    Use pressure washers with caution

    A pressure washer can successfully remove stubborn stains. However, use it with caution, as extreme pressure can harm your paneling. So, before you use it, consult an expert or the manufacturer to determine the proper cleaning pressure.

    Remove metal objects

    Avoid cleaning your wall panels with metal-based tools. These sharp metal objects may permanently damage the surface of your wallboard. Always use plastic or a soft brush to eliminate grime.


    To summarize, cleaning the WPC wall panel is a basic procedure. Using some simple equipment and techniques, as well as the steps and dos and don’ts explained in this article, you will be able to clean your panels quickly. To avoid panel damage from inappropriate cleaning, strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions. With proper maintenance and care, your WPC panels can maintain their beauty and performance for many years.

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