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    5 Things to Implement in Your Sleep Routine Like Pro Athletes

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    Sleep is vital to non-athletes, although you are not competing to win the gold. But how can you sleep like a pro athlete? They must be doing something right in terms of sleep to be successful in their field. Quality and quantity of sleep apply in various professions, and without proper sleep, it affects your health and overall well-being. Therefore, even if you are jobless, making sleep a priority is vital to keep you refreshed as you look for one or to go through your day with success. Below are some things pro athletes implement in their sleep routine and can be of benefit to you. 

    Invest in quality sleep materials 

    The sleep materials you sleep on make such a difference and impact the quality of sleep you get. As you sleep in your space saving trundle bed, the mattress you use should be comfortable and supportive. Plus, a good mattress should not be more than eight years in use. By this time, it is not doing the job as effectively. Also, know what your sleep positions are and choose a pillow based on the same. For instance, back and side sleepers need a firmer pillow, while stomach sleepers need a flatter one. 

    Rethink your sleep environment

    How is the light, temperature, and noise level in your bedroom? To sleep properly, you need a room that is dark, cool, and quiet. For darkness, black-out curtains are the best, or you can use an eye mask. For temperature preferences, too cool is better than a too warm environment. Set the thermostat at around 65 degrees and have extra blankets in case you feel cold at night. White noise helps with noise control as it helps block sudden intrusive noises like a dog barking. You can use a white noise app from your phone, a fan, or earplugs. 

    Stick to a schedule

    Choose a specific bedtime and wake-up time and be consistent with them. Having a sleep schedule you follow every day helps your body regulate your internal clock and improve sleep quality. It may seem hard at first, but with time it pays off. You may not be a morning person, but having an early wake-up schedule can improve the quality of sleep you get. Having a sleep schedule they follow makes pro athletes feel energetic and have a high-performance level. The same applies if you want to be more productive the whole day.

    Aim for eight hours of sleep 

    Most pro athletes need at least eight to ten hours of sleep, and it’s the recommended hours. In this way, they do not suffer sleep deprivation. If you are a teenager, you need at least nine hours of sleep every night. Unfortunately, according to studies, around 20% of teens get less than eight and half hours of sleep. However, individual needs vary, so take into account how rested you feel, and you can schedule to sleep more if need be. It may be a challenge to follow through with the hours due to family, work commitments, and other temptations, but getting a good rest is worth it. 

    Develop a wind-down routine 

    A good wind-down routine should be at least 30 minutes. It is all about relaxing and getting ready for restful sleep. You can choose to read a book, stretch, do yoga or listen to soothing music. Once you embrace a wind-down routine, you can combat instances of anxiety. For example, for pro athletes, it helps them overcome pre-game jitters. So, taking time to unwind makes it easier for you to relax and fall asleep. The better the consistency of this routine, the better you feel and sleep. Train your body to follow an unwinding ritual, and it will recognize the cues of bedtime, and you will fall asleep faster and get quality sleep. 

    To conclude, having a sleep routine is healthy and not just for pro athletes but for everyone. The above pointers will work for anyone who wishes to improve their sleep quality and make sleep a priority. The lack of a sleep routine is a routine in itself, and it is best to have one, to be more productive and generally healthy and well. 

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