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    9 Outdoor Improvement Projects That Can Add Value To Your Property

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    prucing up your outdoor living space allows you to enhance your family’s well-being and add value to your property. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can make the most of your outdoor space, especially if you’re living in Seattle, Washington.

    Home prices in Seattle ($900,000 on average) are up by 3% from last year, slowed down because of high mortgage rates in the Emerald City. But you can still boost your property’s overall worth and get a decent offer on your Seattle home by investing in the following outdoor renovation projects:

    1. Privacy fence

    The last thing you want is for your neighbor to have a front-row seat while you enjoy a quiet evening sitting in your backyard. A privacy fence adds a layer of security and discretion to a house, protecting its inhabitants from neighbors’ prying eyes. No wonder installing a fence adds at least $1,500 to your house’s resale value, promising a 70% ROI if you go with a metal fence.

    This feature will greatly enhance your living space’s curb appeal as well.

    1. Siding repairs

    When it comes to boosting your house’s façade and overall worth, siding plays a very important role. It acts as the first line of defense against adverse weather, keeps moisture at bay, and even wards off insects like termites. Therefore, siding repairs will boost curb appeal (with a 60-80 percent ROI), protecting your home from weather damage and enhancing its value.

    That’s especially true if you live in Seattle, a city vulnerable to harsh winds and more than 150 days of precipitation throughout the year. Just search online with the keywords Seattle siding contractor near me to learn about professionals offering services in your vicinity. 

    1. An outdoor kitchen

    Outdoor dining was once deemed a luxury, but after the pandemic, its mainstream appeal has risen drastically. Today, outdoor kitchens are a feature coveted by prospective homebuyers. So, studies on an outdoor kitchen’s ROI tend to exaggerate the numbers and some claim that you’ll get a 200% return on investment on this project. Lower estimates put the ROI between 55 and 60 percent, however, which seems more realistic and plausible.

    If you’re a Seattle resident, an outdoor kitchen should be one of the first home reno projects to consider for boosting your Emerald City property’s value.

    1. A swimming pool

    Despite Seattle’s moderate humidity levels, many homebuyers will prefer a house with a swimming pool built in the backyard. Now, installing an inground pool will cost you a pretty penny; experts have estimated that the whole project will put you back about $40k to $70k in 2023.

    However, let’s review the costs of building a swimming pool. It promises a 7% return on investment, greatly enhancing your living space’s overall worth. In cities like Seattle, where swimming pools are a rarity, you can fetch a decent price on your home after finishing this reno project. 

    1. A wooden deck

    Many homebuyers will be looking for places with a visually stunning wooden deck so their children can spend some time outside without getting themselves muddy and dirty.

    Wooden decks can offer you a 50% ROI and even more if you decide to go with real wood. However, there’s one flaw in this plan, i.e., real wood can be expensive. So, many homeowners are choosing a more cost-effective and durable idea, which is PVC decking.

    PVC decking is pest-resistant, discourages mold growth, and doesn’t let its color fade that easily. So, it will greatly enhance your house’s curb appeal and boost its resale value significantly.

    1. Add outdoor lighting

    If you wish to create a magical ambiance in your lawn and dazzle potential homebuyers, consider outdoor lighting as your next home reno project.

    Professional landscaping lighting costs around $3,000 and adds $2,500 to your house’s overall worth. If you go with low-voltage options or motion lights, then there’s a huge chance that your property will spend fewer days on the market. In short, a 50% return on investment is to be expected after adding stylish, appealing LEDs to your yard, illuminating the front of your house after sundown.

    1. Shade structure

    How about adding a shaded structure to the front of your property, like a pergola? Recently, pergolas have become a fashion statement in the home reno industry, showcasing comfortable backyards and luxurious walkways. They add roughly $28,000 to your house’s overall value by creating an appealing outdoor living space, providing shade, and improving your property’s aesthetics.

    You may also tie up with projects with other home reno ideas, such as building a fire pit (a 56% ROI) or adding electrical outlets to turn the pergola into a temporary office space. Add some rugs, chairs, and pieces of furniture to make this shaded structure even more appreciated.

    1. Well-kept landscaping

    The easiest way to make a great first impression on your guests and potential homebuyers is to spice up the landscaping properly. Make your Seattle home stand out from other listed properties simply by trimming trees, pruning bushes, adding low-maintenance plants, building concrete walkways, and planting perennials especially (such as Dahlia). This spruced-up, visually appealing scenery will make your morning view more refreshing, adding to your mental well-being while you keep living here.

    Upon selling your home, you will get at least 35% back on your investment.

    1. Garage door replacement

    Lastly, let’s talk about replacing an old, worn-out garage door. You may assume that replacing it will not lead to any significant monetary benefits. However, home reno experts have estimated that new garage doors offer a 102% ROI when done right.

    Repairing the garage door isn’t that expensive, and it’s worth the outlay as a new door will make your garage safer, warmer, and more pest-resistant. You may repurpose the garage later and turn it into a more functional room to further boost your property’s value. 


    This article shares some amazing ideas to transform your outdoor areas into beautiful and functional spaces while boosting your home’s overall worth. These ideas include replacing your garage roof and adding a swimming pool, among other outdoor projects.

    Also, well-kept landscaping and siding replacements offer a decent ROI, improving your house’s resale value. So, hire Seattle-based contractors to give your house a decent makeover in 2023.


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